Furry Frolics was a comic strip created by AnthonyWallace for the MakingWaves quarterly.

He writes:

Furry Frolics was about Ted and Fred, two bears who met by chance one night at a Bears' Bar, won the dance contest and fell in love. Their friends couldn't figure out what Ted and Fred saw in each other, but they just accepted their own differences and were happy. I think there were only four strips.

"In this strip, the characters went to a Bears' Conference, participated in workshops and went to a rockin' house party." Anthony's inspiration was the 1982 Maine Lesbian & Gay Men's Symposium hosted by Northern Lambda Nord in Presque Isle, Maine, which he had attended a couple months previously, and a house party -- well, really a mobile home party -- at Carl Grant's which was wall to wall gay men from far and wide.