pic The Gay Camping Club, Halifax was an informal association of gays and lesbians who like to camp. Locations and planned events were e-mailed to the members on a regular basis, usually a week before the event. Camping trips were typically every other weekend during the summer.

pic They had a Web site ( and e-mail (; both of which are now defunct.


Club shut down by founder Bill due to lack of participation. The following was posted online at their site:
Due to lack of member participation, I have decided to close down the club permanently. There seemed to be lots of interest in the club -- more than 50 members, not including partners and spouses -- but over the past couple of years, with perhaps one or two exceptions, only one or two members have shown up. I cannot justify the expense of keeping a website and mailing list active if only two to five percent of the membership is taking part. The website will stay active until May, 2007, so the pictures in the photo albums are available for viewing. To those who participated, thanks for travelling with me and I hope to see you around the Maritime campgrounds in the summers to come.

This group was one of many SocialGroups in Halifax.

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