Generous Space Ministries

Generous Space Groups are communities of diverse people who meet regularly for conversation, fellowship and prayer, with a particular focus on including LGBTQ+ Christians and their friends and family. They provide opportunities for people with different sexual orientations, gender identities, and theological views to practice loving and understanding each other in postures of generous spaciousness: humility, hospitality, mutuality and justice.

Generous Space Ministries was founded in 1985 as a very different organization. Back then, it was actively anti-gay. Over time, the organization shed its old name and ties, and began trying to create a space safe for LGBTQ believers and their families. Now, that's its entire purpose. The Generous Space website says it's a place for people "craving spaces where they could unapologetically be both Christian and LGBTQ+." There are chapters across the country, including a growing number in Atlantic Canada.

Started in 1985, New Direction was founded by a born-again missionary struggling with her own lesbian desires. She launched the ministry as a beacon for those looking to subjugate unwanted same-sex attraction and replace it with supposedly healthy, straight feelings and a love of god. New Direction was part of a movement that crafted a new fight against homosexuality. It wasn’t a fight that took place in the legislature or the courtroom, but rather in a church or a therapy session. It was a movement that held an unwavering belief that homosexuality was a curable social ailment.1

The April 21, 2019 ChronicleHerald article says the group has been meeting on Monday nights in a Halifax Apartment. Organizer MarieRaynard?, with quotes from KeananByggdin? and MarissaWiebe? and StJohnsUnitedChurch minister, Rev HubertDenDraak? and StMatthewsUnitedChurch minister Rev BetsyHogan?



April 21, 2019
ChronicleHerald article about it, "'A lot of us feel like orphans': LGBTQ Christians find refuge at Halifax faith group"2
May 20, 2021
The Board announces the closing of GSM.