Gina was QueenOfHearts 2002 and did Celine Dion alot, but is best known for her performances by Gloria Estefan and love of salsa music.

She was injured in a dec in 2004 and funds were rais

hey gina you need to be back on your feet again.i miss you doing your hot salsa numbers and sarah brightman.miss ya get better

Gina Gibb -- Here doing well getting better walking a little bit. I JUST WANT TO THANK REFLECTIONS AND STAFF AND DRAG QUEENS WHO CAME OUT TO DO A WONDERFUL JOB ON THE SHOW..THAT MAKES ME FEEL BETTER..AND HELPS ME GET: girl, I saw you walk gina here getting better and will be out in heels soon..with cherie sidekick A friend writes- good to hear you are getting better

having s like you all helps me get better each and everyday. down to one cain now.looking forward in doing drag again soon.i miss being on stage.friday is my last day for physio..thank is hard work getting back to my normal self again...see you all soon. GINA GIBA

Just want to say Gina keep up the Good Work,Hope to see you out SOON

It was wonderful being out in drag on halloween with cherie lamour we had a great REFLECTIONS and seing all the staff dressed up aswell... hey gurl i here things are going great for you now seen you out at halloween l

i have seen how you are doing and what a wonderful job that you are doing getting back on your feet aga JuicyFruit writes: Girl, I cannot wait to see you on stage again. You sure knoGina here seen you at new years eve and boy were you hot,hope to see you out again,you have great style,great taste


Hi everyone/Gina & Cherie hear just letting you all know that we are hosting our own show at Reflections.May 14th, 2006 at 10pm It is my 40th Birthday Bash the show is called Soap Dish.Our lives are like Tv Soap Shows.i would like to start a magazine on Drag Queens in Halifax and get the dish on people.starting in june or july.after i get back from Toronto.everyone enjoy this summer..From GINA GIBB & CHERIE LA MOUR

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