picAt the Blue Moon Bistro, 2006

Reigning MzCapeBreton (title was changed from MzSydney), NS and now living in Halifax, NS.

RougeFatale writes: congrats Mom for winning MzCapeBreton, i'll bring you the crown at the end a the month! love, Rouge

Thank you all again for the kind words. I have many plans during my reign as MzCapeBreton. I hope to make an appearance or 2 at least in Halifax. *MUAH*

JuicyFruit writes: Awww Rouge, thanks for tossing that comment in. Yes, I have been out and about that is for sure. My last outing was a grand one, the nite of the MzGayHalifax. With that said, Congrats to April.

JuicyFruit writes: well I managed to get out for Halifax Idol as a guest performer and a judge as well. Did I tell everyone that I got a new last name last week? Oh yes, the full name is now: Juicy Fatale Divine Widescreen Fruit.

June 8, 2005 - Juicy Fruit was given the last names Divine and Widescreen from Diva D! Divine Widescreen at Halifax Idol's 4th week. Welcome to the Divine clan Juicy...you are the only other performer in Halifax to have the last name Widescreen!!. Well look how big her ass is getting, Widescreen Is a good name for her.

DivadDivine writes on June 19, 2005: Juicy sweetie were you drunk that night hun??? I gave you Divine and Widescreen you silly gurl! lmao Talk to you soon sweetie!

JuicyFruit writes: OMG, I Am so sorry and I think yes I was drunk that nite when I got Divine too. Well then dont I feel like a jackass now, but what can I say. Since then I have also received yet another name as well...I am now a Cockadoo as well.

JuicyFruit writes: update on the full name folks: Juicy Fatale Schapeau Divine Widescreen Cockadoo Black Fruit

LadySchapeau writes: HOE! hey gurly its july 30th and im 28 years old!! buy me a 2 dollah beer 2 nite :)

JuicyFruit writes: OMG, I missed your bday. Next time I see ya out then, you get a beer on me.

JuicyFruit writes: I almost forgot to mention, I am not too sure if anyone else even knew really, but I got automatic succession this year from Cape Breton and kept the crown. I am now Mz Sydney 5 (last crowned with the title) first Mz Cape Breton 1 (after they changed the name mid reign) and also Mz Cape Breton 2.

JuicyFruit writes: name update: Juicy Fatale Schapeau Divine Widescreen Cockadoo Black Chanel Fruit

DivadDivine writes: Juicy hold on to your hair gurl, not sure where this little road I am walking down is gonna take me...but trust me on this much - there is always room for you to walk with me!!

JuicyFruit writes: DivaD?, I am sure it will be quite the interesting walk down the road if we are walking together...lol

JuicyFruit writes: 1st Lady to the Court, The Leaning Tower of Pizza

JuicyFruit writes: name update: Juicy Fatale Schapeau Divine Widescreen Cockadoo Black Chanel Mann Fruit

DivadDivine writes: blenda blenda blenda.....Oh Mz. Juicy Fruit you crazy gurl. you know you would never slap me cause I'd bitch slap you right back into pampers baby then no more rev or blending for you lol love ya sis

JaseN writes: blenda blenda blenda.... oh hi there. Juicy is a grand editon to crash on your couch on any drunken evening. Or in your bed... just keep one eye open. We all love her because she is most fun to party with. Pass me a rev gurl.

DivadDivine writes: Oh Juicy looks like you got yourself a true fan! lmao OK JaseN...I know who you are...how come you've not written anything under my name?????? hehe Love ya Juicy, love ya JaseN! kisses

JuicyFruit writes: DivaD?, well what can I say, I attract them all. Now if only the master plan would come into place. Hmmmm

DivadDivine Writes: My sista you attract a lot of things lmao! Least of all some lovely fans!

JuicyFruit writes: oh my...well I do attract some things yes I do, but alas I have adoring fans too!

DivadDivine Writes: That you do sweetie

JuicyFruit writes: Who knew that I would attract fans...I for one dont think I am all that special, I just go out and have a fucking blast!

Winner of December Queen of the Month for the Internation Drag Community yahoo group. Congrats!

Hey sis lova ya!!

DivadDivine writes: Gurl I swear all this fuss over you still reigning as Mz Cape Breton is stupid, the organizers of the pageant obviously love ya and wanted you to reign for a second year. And if they don't have a problem with where you are living I don't understand why some ugly queen (and lets face it Tiffany is definately ugly!!) is putting up such a fuss. But when it comes to beign written up in a national mag..gurl publicity is publicity hehe good or bad at least people are talking about ya! hehe And there was no mention of blenda in the article?? What a shame! lmao

JuicyFruit wties: no mention of blenda in the article please. And you are right the Pride Committee up there could have denied my offer to reign for a second year, although they did not, so until such a time there are people wanting to run for the title, the Pride Committee turns me away or I die, I shall carry it on with great PRIDE! Ya Big Galute. If you are

LadySchapeau writes: YAAP tell em girl. Get a queen who doesnt mind the closed-mindedness of Cape Breton year round (if it still is, it was fucking horrible living there 1991 - 2000), then you'll have your "proper" reigning queen. Until then be thankful theres someone knowledgable like Juicy Fruit holding your damn title. Personally i think even these labels are retarded.....but these ones are kinda fun lol. I'm not apologizing for my opinions :) YAAP

RougeFatale: OOOOOK.... it is like a tradition of sorts.. once you get that title, you end up moving from C.B. to hali... i did, so did boom boom... so heres the thing, while she was living there, sge won it... no one ran last yearr.. she gets to keep it.. duh... if you want a caper thats living there to have it... then get some cb queens to freakin run!!! sigh.. ok that was my rant

JuicyFruit writes: Well I must say a big thank you to all those who have said encouraging things. I have done my best and thats all I ever wanted to do. I am sorry that there are those out there that feel differently but unless you provide solutions to your Pride Committee up there...oh yes and stay tuned, I might be doing some travelling in the future out of province. *evil grin*

LadySchapeau writes: Peace Woman!! Yeeaap!!

AnitaMann writes: Oh hi Girl, nice make up job in that pic, I wonder who did it :) Hmmmm....blenda blenda blenda blenda blenda blenda....Anyways girl you better be out tonight or I am coming to find you, Scareoke with Trevor Yaaap. Loves ya

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