pic LGBT Owned Cafe

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July, 2018
Former Smiling Goat Organic Espresso Bar baristas in Halifax have officially opened their new coffee shop, "Ninety per cent of employees at the café identify as queer and they say a safe space is needed for their community."1
May 24, 2018
Incorporated as a Co-Op with the RJSC. Inaugural Principals: NataliaCastellanos?, CharlieHuntley?, KellyMacNeil?. Directors were changed a month later.
December 13, 2018
cover of TheCoast, The Glitter Bean Revolution with a short version of the Glitter Bean's history
December 20, 2018
we are happy to announce that we will exist under Just Us Coffee's lease for another couple months while we work out a longer term deal with Killam Properties to remain on the corner of Spring Garden and Carlton. Killam dropped off these cute cupcakes and card for us today and we’re happy to continue working with them to be able to stay in our favourite spot, serving our favourite customers!