Graeme Ellis

picSummer 1980. Photo by JeffreyRound

November 27, 1953 - September 2, 1984

picGraeme Ellis, 1982, O'Leary, PEI

Born in Dunblane, PEI, at the time of his death he was a student at Michael's School of Hair Design, Halifax.

Ellis' death was not the first related to AIDS in Halifax, but he and partner Bob MacKay, who was a radio personality with CFDR, were well known and liked in the community. He was definitely the first 'club' member that everyone knew or knew about.

picGraeme's quilt panel, made by GlennWalton's mother Pat Walton from an image of Graeme's cottage in PEI with his signature stitched over the image.

Graeme's newspaper obituary is here

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