What is Heavy Petting? An evening of dancing, Heavy Petting features DJs SimonThibault and Disco Elitist, spinning dirty disco, heavenly house, with occasional drops of leftfield dance tunes and punk.

Why a queer dance party? Queers have been dancing forever. We created disco for chrissakes. We will create a fabulous space for dancing, cavorting and more.

“It became known, and ultimately reviled, as Disco. But the music that surged out of gay underground New York clubs such as the Loft and 12 West in the early 70s was the sound of those who wanted to dance, dance, dance—blotting out everything but their bodies and the beat.”

What will we hear? Records you lose it to. Records you wish you had known. Records that Larry Levan played. Records that will make you say, “What is that?” Records that move you, body and soul. Records that make you wanna jack your body.

What will we not hear? Pap.

Who we want to see? We hope to see everyone wanting to disco-down; Homos, Queers, Transfolk, Lezbros, StoneButches, HardFemmes, Genderqueers, Bar Stars and Heteros getting dirty on the dance floor.

Web site: http://heavypettingdisco.tumblr.com