November 2004 (from the website): Since 2002, Intensity Dance has produced a wide variety of stage events in Halifax that have ranged from dance productions to nightclub/drag shows to multimedia presentations. I have also been involved in doing choreography and private dance instruction in the past. Due to other commitments and a refocus of my talents and energies, Intensity Dance will currently not be presenting productions regularly at this time. In Spring 2005, we will be coming up with a variation to last year's DragQueenSurvivor Halifax called StageSurvivor Halifax which will encourage singers, comedians, drag queens/kings, lip sync artists to compete head to head and determine amongst themselves the ultimate winner. Check out this site and the mailing list at for info in the coming months. At this time, however, StageSurvivor is the only planned annual production in the works.

Thanks for both your personal support and support of the collective since 2001, and please see for details on my successful artistry as a drag queen/nightclub entertainer.


RyanStevens AKA Natassha Nlott Halifax PrideAmbassador II