The history:

During PrideFestival 2002, PrideFestival decided to hold a special event to select a representative of our city and our Pride Committee both locally and abroad. This representative would possess skill in both public speaking and performing.

In 2002, the contestants included JuicyFruit, HarryDick and StudioXleNoir but it was CerinaRomanoffBlake that was crowned Halifax Pride Ambassador I based on her speech and fabulous performance to "Le Jazz Hot". Historically, she became the first drag queen to ever have her picture postered on huge billboards and posters around the city and country, coast to coast. HarryDick reigned as Deputy Pride Ambassador I.

In 2003, there were 5 contestants in a show hosted by LuLuLaRude and DitaParlow at the Royal Canadian Vimy Legion 27: MissVicki, AmandaBenzova Romanoff Blake, AnnieCockadoo Cox, RyanStevens and DavidMacMillan. It was IntensityDance's RyanStevens that won the title of Halifax Pride Ambassador II, with the title of Deputy Pride Ambassador II awarded to AnnieCockadoo. Stevens gave a live dance performance to Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" performed live by dancer/singer LeanneBourgeois. CerinaRomanoffBlake stepped down with a performance to "Pavement Cracks" by AnnieLennox.

In 2004, the contest moved to ReflectionsCabaret and was hosted by Mr Atlantic Canada Leather 2004 RandallPerry and MzGayHalifax DitaParlow. There were again five contestants: AnitaMann, DavidMacMillan, ElleMayhem, HarmonyAngel and KaraRedden. Kara, who was the 1st Deputy PrideAmbassador one the title with a comedy number entitled "I'm not a fucking drag queen", Harmony was 2nd with a live performance of "Because you loved me", and Ryan/N! stepped down with a performance to "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks.

In 2005, the format for Pride Ambassador was changed to make the event less like a drag pageant and more of a publicity/spokesperson role, with applicants reviewed by the Pride Committee to determine the successful candidate. Halifax PrideAmbasassador? II Ryan Stevens became PrideAmbassador IV Natassha N! at a reception at FRED.

June, 2005: Applications to compete to be Halifax Pride Ambassador IV are now available at ReflectionsCabaret and VenusEnvy as well as online at

Does anyone know who the other contestants were that put in applications for Pride Ambassador IV, besides Natassha N? (Congrats Natassha)

That's not public info. :)

Anything that concerns someone that will be representing part of the community, then the community has the right to know who was up for the title (just like any other position that is for public representation) ...I know this was a given title not a competitive title, but everyone deserves to know who the other applicants were... What is the problem with the public knowing this information?

The problem is that it is not public information. If you were that interested in knowing who else was being considered, you should have supported the Pride Ambassador reception on Friday night at FRED...then you would have known. It was a very nice event, and should have been supported by more than just the folks who were there...our community consists of more than 35-40 people, wouldn't you say? It can't be THAT important to you, unless you are interested in passing judgement and causing more which case you could probably ask the winner of the application process, I'm sure she'd be more than happy to tell you. :)

Did it occur to you that some of us may have had to work on Friday night... so please think before making judgement the next time... I only ask who else there was and it seems to be such a big deal as to not to tell...Now I can see why no one wants to be involved.. thanks for reminding me. And no I am not trying to cause drama.. I was only asking!!!!

NatasshaNlott writes: As inquiring minds seem to want to know, the format of Pride Ambassador this year was changed. This was announced at the reception at FRED on Friday. The definition of Pride Ambassador is: "a positive spokesperson that represents Halifax Pride locally and in other communities. They are accessible to the public, knowledgeable about Halifax Pride, its mandate and its events. They are also knowledgeable of our LGBTQ2's community here in Halifax. We are looking for someone who has a passion for our community and wants to further its development." Because of all the raucus in past years about the Pride Ambassador contest's format being too much like a drag pageant when the position was open to everyone (and there was no need of judging a community spokesperson on Evening Wear) this year the Pride Committee was to privately review applications and determine the person who could best take on this position so that it wasn't about fashion, politics, performing, etc.

Of the almost 400,000 HRM residents, I was the only one to apply this year (so I don't wanna hear any complaining - ANYONE could have applied! LOL) and look forward to tackling some pressing issues this year in our community - bar fighting/rumours, drama and drug abuse. I am honoured to have held the same community position in both a male and female persona and am available for any community events and groups this year as well as to answer any questions. My email is Cheers and have a great day. :)

P.S. - I would have been happy to answer your question sooner had I have known to whom I was speaking! :)