KingOfDiamonds II in Exile before he moved out west.

Josh Higgins was the Love of my life still is I love you Josh your the best guy I have ever met and I wish we had stayed together but you were the one who left and didn't ever explain why it broke my heart I have being looking for you for a few years there is lots i'd like to say hun. I read u moved out west but not out as far west as me I moved to Vancouver Island to Nanaimo,BC canada your all i think about and want add me to msn babe or call me Josh I love you and always will even if we can only be friends I deserve an explainpond and if anyone knows how to get intouch with my man Josh let me know. I love Him and will for life we had something special.... you were one of the most talented and best drag kings I knew hun

Ps You might remeber i moved out to halifax just to find u once just to show how much I really love you I am still here looking and waiting and wanting you and its 08.