Aka SaraLee. One of the best performers Halifax has ever produced. From the Turret years through to Rumours, she performed with style and grace. She spent countless hours designing and sewing dresses for her contemporaries - MissIris, MadameSugar, JennyBlake. Who could forget her performance of "I Fall to Pieces" when her wig made an unscheduled and unrehearsed flight from her head. In true "take it in stride" style, she continued with barely a beat missed, removing various necessary female appendages and clothing to be greeted at songs end by a standing ovation and cheers. Raise a glass to our own. Montreal has only borrowed her for a while.

The actual song i was performing was Nothing But A Fool by Natalie Cole, and i was playing it as a Drunk. I would love to say Mtl has borrowed me, But im afraid it has me ! my heart will always be in Halifax, but my life is here and one can never go back. ( i will visit as often as i can tho ! ) My love to you all!!!!

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