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Notes from fans: I don't know much about Jenny Blake, and I hate to sound mean but the only times I've seen her have been at NRG and she was always looking kinda, well, trashy. Sorry gurl but damn! Those cut-offs are just horrible. I think I've seen her perform once or twice in huge boots. That's all I really know about Jenny. I'm sure she's wonderful though.

well maybe if u dont like my clothes maybe u would care to buy me something to your liking... if not put a sock in it.... how many fashion awards have u won..... me 3 xoxoxo Jenny Blake Grand Czarina

I remember the first time saw Jenny was back in November, 1996 when I wasn't quite 18 and snuck into ReflectionsCabaret to see my first drag show. It was really amazing for me coming from a small town of 15,000 where I had never seen a boot that high or a purple silk shirt. Jenny was the host of the evening back then. It was a Monday night. It was something I enjoyed so much and something that confused me even more. To this day no matter how nasty the drag queen - it takes balls most guys don't have to do that.

PaigeTurner says: Jenny Blake is one of the mainstays of the city of Halifax. I went out in drag at a Red Party at a bar in the city in 1988. She was not there for it as a performer, MzAdrien was. But even before that time JENNY was there doing her thing. She performed with MadameSugar, LilyChampagne, Seduduction From LA (now DivaDq), and many of the old and new guard. If Jenny is out for an evening your class of trashy wear is fun wear for her and she does have some wonderful, flashy clothes when an occasion calls for it. Love you alot Jenny Blake!

AmandaBenzova writes: Behind the slutty clothes, and loud obnoxious behavior, the loud "NOOOOOOOO!" when the room goes really a very sweet, kind person, who would give the skirt off her ass to ensure you had a full fizzy! She is one of the best friends I honestly have ever met, even though we have had a few sprawls, i still love her! Shes the most honest person you will meet, SO BEWARE! If you dont wanna hear it.. keep away.. Simple! hehe. I owe you everything I have pretty much become..Luv ya gurl

Her Ex-boyfriend ShawnLamb writes: Oh yes and don't ever piss her off. Trust me!!!!!! I love you pumpkin!!! xoxoxox

DivadDivine writes: Girl you are amazing!!! We don't know one another well, but you are definately a great person.

JeffMacPherson Writes: She is one of the kindest people you would ever want to meet or know. Although she wouldn't want many to know it. I am a better person just by knowing her. Love ya! ;)

SelesteSaphire Writes: Jenny is a awesome person! She's is very kind and helpfull under her festive exterior. She adds a classy touch to the halifax drag scene

rougefatale writes: this is one of the most amazing people in the world, in and out of face. makes me laugh, has been a shoulder , and has been so honest it hurts " girl i love you, but your clothes suck" dont you ever change, we know you wont...

Adrian Morgan writes: Back in 1992, when I came out as gay in Halifax; it was Jenny who gave me a place to stay and she taught me the art of drag. I owe her much respect for that much needed support.I went by Corinne Denopolis back then. I was totally wild and crazy. Now older, tamer, and beginning to transition, I am a much more secure person. She is the word 'Class' regardless of her dressing style. I no longer miss Halifax, but I do miss Jenny Blake. Best Wishes, beautiful girl!

LadySchapeau writes: Congratulations on your win. I dont do drag very much, but lastnight got me thinking about running in pageants in the future. Who knows... It could be fun. Anyway, great job.

BaraCuda writes: Congratulations on obtaining the Ms. Reflections Title this year Jenny, I think you are a great performer, you are one of the most entertaining Drag Queen's Halifax has to offer, I can remember seeing you for as long as I have been in this city. (since 1992) Your costumes are often are very eye catching, I love some of the boots that you have! Keep on Truckin Girl!

Lulu LaRude? writes: jennny blake has been an integral part of Halifaxs gay community. Her personal style may be very forthright but she is truly sweet under all the bravado. One of Halifaxs finest I am so happy for her recent win...u rock girl:-)

CONGRATULATIONS JENNY BLAKE! known you since 1996 and you haven't change a bit, You go girl!


Girl its about time.. I miss you hun and look forward to seeing you soon... Your drinking girl Starr69

DivadDivine writes: You truly are a great were the first established queen to ever tip me here and I will never forget it. I look forward to getting to know you better. Congrats on winning Mz. Reflections, you are a great performer and will represent them well

******************************************************************** Jenny is one of, if not, the best performer... A great person, in and out of costume .. Congrats girl, don't ever change... YOU are the BEST !!!

CONSTANCE!.It's Me Pig Fucker.girl your kickin!...Love ya quotes me and rouge live by them...lotsa love, Annie

Jenny Blake was named 2nd runner up for Best Drag King for the Coast "Best of Halifax" awards...Jenny girl, you been moonlightin' or what?? lol

AmberWayves writes: Happy New Year Mz. Jenny Blake

To Whom it may concern: In regards to the fundraisier for Lulu, I have been Lulu's friend for over 15 years and we have performed in halifax and other cities in Canada. I was her special guest for her 10 year walk at Edmonton's Ball. When I arrived at the bar and was told I was not able to perform due to the fact the show list was done and I was not on it shows that a few close friends and supporters of Lulu were left out of the loop. So of course I was not happy. Would you feel the same way if you would have shown up to your good friends benefit, nameless wonder. And if you would like to address any of my actions you could do so at any time in person. I am an adult and believe it or not can interact in person and not have to address you and the whole world on this site. Please know both sides and the whole story before you rant away! In representing Reflections.......I showed up to support the event as asked and i was not on the list. And it was great to see that when others did not show for their show time they were not filled in with others that had shown up in support of their freind Lulu. Thanks and Love Always, Jenny Blake PS Love you lulu! Be over for lunch later :D

Farrah Moan writes: Hello Jenny. To let you know it was me who wrote that comment on this page Monday. I do have to agree with you anything I said should have been said to your face not here so that is why I took it down as soon as I thought about it. You are also correct in saying that I did not know both sides of the story before ranting. I was pissed about the attitudes backstage and was venting here but a discussion face to face would be the correct way to go. However I do wanna say after 5 Minutes last night that violence doesn't solve anything. About the people who were no shows and spots being filled I had nothing to do with that so I won't comment on that.

DivadDivine writes: Jenny sweetie you have every right to be Ms. Reflections a spot should have been set aside for you. God knows they have done that for all the other Ms. Reflections for important shows. I would have been livid as well. And lord knows I can throw a hissy fit worthy of an award ;) hehe

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