Margot [Marguerite] Anne Parker

August 1, 1952 – September 20, 2022

AnitaMartinez writes, November 11, 2022

Hi Dan....Margot and Kathleen and I were great friends after she returned to Nova Scotia from working I believe in the mines in possibly the yukon...(although that part is not quite clear.) she returned to Enfield and it was around that time or before where she was diagnosed with MS (again the exact diagnosis we did not or would not want to assume) but shortly after spent most of her time...although in great spirits and always a kind, friendly, very positive and always kind, respectful and always smiling character...finding something to smile about in almost every other sentence...and a beautiful smile she you can some of these photos..I have some yes...from when she attended our meetings...quietly in the background in her wheelchair all set up with the latest computer update to keep in touch with the world and her family and are a few photos of Margot...the first is Margot(possibly in the late '80's or early 90's in Enfield where she lived at the the river running through...she is with her very loved nieces....the next of Margot with her ever beautiful can see the kindness in her eyes and her smile...and the third photo Margot and myself doing the "glamour" pose...what fun we had... Margot....also I believe her partner was with her through all her Enfield and then when she ended up in Northwood...always there...for incredibly devoted

DebTrask says: " she lived with MS for so long. An inspiration."

Accompanying photos are in the media file for this page.