pic1977 New Germany Rural High Yearbook

Merle Russell Veinot

November 16, 1943 - December 30, 2016

From: Publisher DanielMacKay

Goodbye, Merle. While you were my math teacher at New Germany Rural High from 1976 to 1978, you changed out your intimidating Versalog slide rule hanging from your belt, to the first electronic calculator any of us had ever seen - battery operated and the size of half a loaf of bread. Your enthusiasm and, yes, flamboyance made math class something to look forward to.

A few years later, after university and coming-out, I returned to my home town - well, the big town near it, Bridgewater, for an LGBT Dance (in the LEAST expected place - the Wileville Fire Hall) and was floored to see you and many more of my favourite high school teachers and principals not at the margins, but as leaders of the tiny LGBT community there. For me, the dances were particularly appropriately named "Pride Dances" since they were organized by the men who I admired so much.

And, I've been proud to stay in touch with you for the forty years since I first sat in your class, and help promote the South Shore Pride events that you organized, and have very much enjoyed your quick wit and banter every time we were together.

Merle also served on the local executive of the NDP party and was treasurer of the Union Square Community Hall Association. He was also currently serving as a trustee for the Union Square Cemetery committee.