The Mermaid and the Cow Campground

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The Mermaid & The Cow is a lesbian-owned campground in northern Nova Scotia that is dedicated to providing a safe, relaxing and congenial camping experience for members of the LGBT communities and their queer-positive friends.

The person most likely to greet you when you arrive is me, JaneMorrigan?. I own the campground and operate it by myself for the most part...which means it's me who signs you in, sells you ice or wood, cleans your toilets, stows your garbage, mows the lawn, starts the evening campfire and keeps the place clean and neat. "If you need anything, I'm the one to ask"!

Another person you may meet and get to know is Susan Ivany, my intrepid and beautiful wife! Susan has a day-job during the week, but she helps me out lots on the weekends, and you will find her sense of humour infectious!

Otherwise you'll likely meet those wonderful old friends who are "the regulars", those folks who have been coming to the campground for several years and are thankfully always willing to help out and make new-comers welcome!

The campground is located in the centre of my farm property in the rolling hills nestled close to the Cobequid Mountains of western Pictou County. The land itself is beautiful, precious and nourishing for the soul. Every morning since I moved here thirty-five years ago, I look out over the fields at the view of the hills...and feel happy, inspired by the beauty of nature and lucky to be alive! It is my desire to share this special place on earth with my lesbigaytrans sisters and brothers during the summer months!

The Mermaid & The Cow in its dedication to creating a safe environment, does not tolerate drunken behaviour. This does not mean that I am against drinking alcohol...I have absolutely no problem with it in moderation. I have observed in the course of my 62 years that our community tends to drink too much, and I've seen too many lives ruined because of it. Therefore, I do not intend to contribute in any way to the ruination of our people's lives, nor to the desecration of this precious land I call home 365 days a year. Instead, I aim to support and protect those in our community who are in recovery from substance abuse as well as those who love the natural highs of being close to nature! The Mermaid & The Cow is a place to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside, relax around the swimming pool gabbing with friends, cooking yummy meals out in the open, enjoying the magnificent night skies as you sit around the communal campfire with new and old friends, swapping stories, laughing and sharing with others who can understand "where you're coming from".

I look forward to welcoming you to my "little queer campground" and I assure you that I will do my best to make your stay here enjoyable and restful.

Located in Scenic Pictou County, N.S., it is 90 minutes from Halifax and 20 minutes from the PEI Ferry.

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March 13, 2005
Closed this year
Summer 2006
Open for July and August
July 31, 2015
"Dear Friends and Patrons of The Mermaid & The Cow Campground: This year will mark the final camping season for The Mermaid & The Cow Campground. After 14 years of operation, I have decided to retire. I will be 65 in the Spring, and am looking forward to a slower pace and spending time with family and friends. I wish to thank you for your patronage, and extend my heartfelt gratitude for your support over the years. It has been a joy to meet so many interesting and lovely people, and to share the beauty and peacefulness of my little farm. The Campground will come to a close on September 7, 2015, following the Labour Day Weekend. If you wish to camp one last time at The Mermaid & The Cow Campground, please make your reservations now by calling 902-305-4016! Warm regards, Jane"
September 2, 2015
Labour Day Weekend ("the LAST weekend") is just around the corner and the weather forecast looks great for camping! Come on up for the lovely country setting, the campfire, the stars, the cows, calves, pigs and horses...and oh yes don't forget the turkeys (otherwise known as the welcoming committee)...!!
March 19, 2016
"According to the birds at the feeder, Spring is just around the corner...and before you know it, Summer will arrive in all its glory! Starting on June 3, 2016, the cottage will be available for your perfect getaway! Introducing a minimum stay of 3 days, the daily cost during the week is $90, on weekends it's $100. The cost for a whole week is $600 and for a whole month it's $2000 (no tax for any stay). The heated pool will also be available at specified hours everyday for cottage guests. Book your retreat or getaway anytime by calling Jane