pic Miss Lola's Boys: Queer owned, queer operated, and just plain queer.

Miss Lola offers her boys to the queer community in Halifax. From cleaning houses to planning and/or serving at parties, Lola's boys can take care of all your needs.

We heard someone saying they wanted to have a housekeeper in but felt they had to "de-gay" their home. We thought, maybe we should start a gay cleaning business. One of us joked, "maybe we should stick him in a sailor suit". We all laughed but instantly saw the potential. As well as the potential to do much more than just cleaning. Say you want to have dinner ready for when you get home. Or you're bringing a guest home for a dinner In. Have one of Miss Lola's boys cook it, then serve it, clean up and leave. Miss Lola soon will have a boy specialized for every area.

Wardrobe, home & garden consultations are also available. Ask Lola, her boys have many talents and are ready to please.

Phone: 902.229.1613 mailto:misslolasboys@hotmail.com

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