Event date: January 20, 1990

From postnews Thu Jan 18 22:10:47 1990
Subject: Daniel In The Fundie's Den
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In Halifax, some members of the community, myself included, will be
attending a conference on Saturday the 20th organized by "New
Beginnings Ministries" and "Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship."

The conference is called _Homosexuality and The Church._  One of the
speakers is an ex-lesbian, who with the help of Jesus, has been healed,
and another is one of the two AIDS epidemiologists for the province 
who is a very, very good doctor, and unfortunately a homophobe and 
fundie- but that's another story.  These are the sessions:

1	 _A Look At Homosexuality_  We will look [at] some causes
	of homosexuality, various levels of expression, understanding
	the essense of the struggle.
2	_A Biblical Perspective_  By way of a careful analysis
	of  I Cor 6:9, Biblical issues surrounding homosexuality will
	be addressed.
3	_What About Aids_ An overview of the medical realities
	and false ideas about AIDS. ...
4	_Ministry To The Homosexual_ What are the issues in
	counselling someone looking for a way out?  ...

It is incredible that in the 1990s, such rubbish can still be

These guys are, apparently, campus fundies, so we expect lots of
homophobia, misinformation, and perhaps pity.  So we've got many 
really positive people from the community going to the conference, 
but don't know what to expect yet- we'll have to cope on the fly.  
Some ideas so far:

- we won't segregate ourselves in the conference, but mix in as much
  as possible with the other participants.
- Being politely insistent rather than obstructive.
- There may be a place for testimonials from unhappy homosexuals and/or
  people who have been freed of their affliction, so we'll try to
  counter with an equal number from people who are happy and proud of
  their gift of homosexuality.
- I'm taking my Boswell notes, all gleaned from the net, in case
  there's a possiblility of argument- yeah, I know that arguing the
  bible is a no-win situation.  I'll take 'em anyway.
- The outside demonstrators will have informational leaflets to give
  out, and placards to bash people with (just kidding!).
- some other insidious and tricky ACT UP type things that we wouldn't
  want anyone to find out about until, ... well into the event. :-)

Please wish me luck, motssers!   I'm taking a Kliban cartoon for the
back side of my clipboard.  It's a drawing of Adam in the garden, and
there's a speech balloon coming from the sky; it says 

	"I made you in my image, and I want you to remember that
	 parts of us are dirty.  Got it?"

Into the fray....  -dan

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