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My name is Danny but most call me Dan, Daniels or Danny Boy. I have been using now for almost 7 years and i am very fortunite that i have, because i ended up meetting some awsome people and my very best friend.

I'm 31 and living in Dartmonth. I am single, looking to meet new people and also looking for a LTR, even though these things take time. A lot of effort must go into it and its not something that needs to be rushed.

I'm 6'1 with a slim build and a natural smooth body (thank gawd i dont have to pluck yet) hahahahahahaha.

My biggest accumplishment was graduating from High School in 1995. Learnning dosent come easily with me, i must say it was a great challenge for all the years that i spent in school. When I look back it's something that i wouldnt repeat again. ot that time i just had lost my dad to a freak accident and shortly after my mom took sick and died of brain cancer. When that happened i had to grow up really quickly, because up to that point i had always seen myself as a child and wasnt really mature enough to know anything, to know what is real and what is not. To some people its a learning experience but with me i basically had to do things on my own. I am really proud of myself for the accumplishments that i made over the years and one of them of course is deallign wth my partents death. They say that a death of a loved-one certianly changes people, and that is so true because it makes us stronger inside as a person and it helps us deal with graat losses that we face later on in life. In the long run it makes us stronger inside. With that experinece i have had a hard time accpetting the death of both of my partents. I realized that there is no over love like a mothers love. It isn't good to try and to replace that because it dosent fill the emptiness inside. Time will heal all wounds and it is so true and its one of those things that cant be rushed and requires a lot of patiences to deal and to accept. It makes me so gratefull for the people that i do have in my life and i always remeind them haw special they are and haw impportant they are to me.

Over all i am a quiet person that likes to keep things simple as i can and enjoy and take pleaseure for what i have around me. I am so blessed to have such loveing friends that treat me for who i am and are glad to be around me.

I like music, computers, and hand-rafts. (which is my fav thing to do) I like movies and concerts. I have had the pervilage to see Cher and Maddona and also Sarah M.

I'm a friendly person who is shy at frist, but i'm a lot of fun to be around with. I like honest people, that treat me with respect and and treat me as a person for who i am. I'm loving and kind with a good heart and i am always up for a good time. Most say I am a lot of fun to be around and always good for a laugh, I belive my goal in life is to make people happy and i think i do a good job by doing so.

I am currently a health care worker in a nursing home here in the city. I love my job very much and it brings me joy to know that i make a difference in someones life and i am always so glad to help anyone out if i can.

I like to dance and have a good time and you always see me on the dance floor at Reflecations and sometimes NRG. I'm a pretty wild dancer and most people get a laugh at the way that i dance but i enjoy what i do and always have fun.

pic Once again i am shy at frist takes me a while to get to know people but once you get to know me most think i'm all around not to bad of a fella to be around with. What i am looking for as relationship wise, well thats something that i havent figured out yet myself. I havent had much experiences with relationships but friendships are also important. A wise person once told me "Lovers dont last for a life time but friendships come once in a life time". Thanks for reading this and if you have any questions or would like to to chat with me you can by adding me to msn if you wish: DanMan?

Thanks again Dan

BaraCuda Writes: Dan you will be my friend forever, I am blessed to have met you. Your very fun to be around, honest to a fault and you have a great personality. I am sure we will spend many more great years here in Halifax together. Great Job on your page!

Malik_Fredericton Writes: Night Nurse is a very special man , with a good heart, he's a true friend i met him through BaraCuda , NN made me feel like i'd known him for a long time, he truly a special human being, you can't help but feel comfortable and calm around NN

Duane writes: If one could bottle the essence that is Dan, it would fly off the shelves. We could all use a little bit of calm, cool and collective in our lives. With Dan there are no pretenses. What you see is what you get! There are no hidden secrets, no games played, and he shoots straight from the hip. I would like to be more like that, and I must say that just being around him has a calming effect on you. Another bonus about Dan is that he loves to dance, and any person who loves to dance as much as he does, is a friend of mine. Dance on Dan! XOXOX and keep being you!

Ripley writes:

I had the good fortune to meet Dan almost five years ago. Looking back he's been one of the best friends I've ever had the pleasure of making. He's always got an ear to listen, and is beyond doubt one of the most upfront, truly decent people I've ever known. Don't ever change for anyone. You rock.

JuicyFruit: Dan my boy...oh my where could I begin. We met quite..well lets say uniquely. since then friendship has grown and we both have changed for the better. You know regardless I am going to be there for you as you have been there for me on countless occaisions to hear my rant. Thanks hun *muah*