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February, 2002
Society comes into existence and has first public meeting and call for Founding Members
Budget: $10,000 worth of audio system, and $15,000 for furnishings, $5,000 for a screen, and $20,000 for a sprinkler system (required if you have people gathering in a space) and a few tens of thousands of dollars to pay staff until we have enough business to break even - yes, that's all. Teammembers: (partial list) Kate Delmage, Eveline Klamt, Fraser Ross, Janet Stevenson, Peter Roberts, Ron Skibbens, Scott Donovan, Michele Gallant, DanielMacKay. About 500 people contribute $100 each to be Founding Members; about a dozen "Angels" or corporate donors, contribute $1000 each.
October, 2004
DanielMacKay gets un-involved.
March, 2006
Change of boardmembers to: Lynda Coe, Kate Delmage, Michele Gallant, Shaun Schmeisser, Susan Wakefield
August, 2008
Declaration of the March, 2006 board that they are exhausted and want to give the remaining assets, about $48,000, to the Atlantic Film Festival, and dissolve the society. At the ensuing meeting, the members decide to put off this end, for a few weeks.
New board decides to not do this
October 9, 2015
Officially handed off financial assets to the CarbonArcCinema?

Original Call For Founding Members

REP-er-to-ry CIN-e-ma: a theater which screens a wide variety of worthy films for movie lovers who crave independent film, foreign film, art house film, Canadian film; seen in a great small cinema with good projection and sound, imaginative programming, comfortable seats, and old-fashioned popcorn.
PARA-dise SIS-ters film so-CI-e-ty: a non-profit society for movie lovers of most persuasions.
FOUND-ing MEM-ber: a movie lover who can help start a repertory cinema downtown; by contributing $100, a first year membership is established, and your support will be recognized as a founding member.

Establishing a cinema in an excellent downtown location to be open by September 2002. By becoming a founding member with a $100 donation, you are saying, "YES! There are films that I wish to see!"

Kate Delmage says: our "team" is a group of colleagues, all of whom work in the film industry (I'm a costume designer) and who are amazed and frustrated not to see a better selection of films in Halifax. Since our small group of five began a few weeks ago, we have been joined be a team of architects headed by Scott Smith, a team of business planners headed by Allison Outhit, and way too many movie lovers to name. Our small initial board (registered, non-profit) has been joined by legal rep, money planners etc. and we're planning thoroughly but quickly, as we have a location that we want to secure.