Someone Wants To Hear About Sex

The Competition

picJim Deyoung ca 1980 I had a certain way that I would enter the The Turret. After climbing the stairs and doing my greetings at the bookstore and to the other staff, I would stop at the threshold of The Turret Club doorway and wait until I was seen making my entrance. If no one noticed I would tap my foot on the doorsill just hard enough to turn some heads; then I could enter the room.

One nite as I stood at the top of the stairs a good-looking guy went up to the bar and ordered a drink. Jim D was working as the bartender. The guy asked Jim D, "Who is Reg Giles?" Jim D raised his arm and finger in the way that only he could do and pointed at me and the guy nodded a thank-you and turned and walked over to me. He said, "My name is Jim and I heard about you in Vancouver; you and I are going home tonight!" This is when I realized how a big country can be a small place. Jim from Vancouver and I danced and drank all nite and at one point Jim D came over to me and asked who the new guy is. I explained it all to him and he asked if I was going home with him; I told him that the night was young and anything can happen. Jim D informed me that he was going to try to get him home himself, to which I replied, "Fill your boots!" Jim D always thought (he told me years later) that we were "competitors for sex!" I never knew where he came up with that thought because I never thought of sex as a competition, or for that matter that anyone could compete with me and I was not competing. I say this not to be arrogant or to be seen as pretentious, I have my own way and it certainly seemed to work for me. Jim D tried his very best all night to get in good with Jim from Vancouver. He walked with us to the coffee shop after The Club. He walked with us across town to the south end. He walked right up to my door with us till I opened the door letting Jim from Vancouver in first and I turned to Jim D and said, "Have a nice night!" It was one of the biggest smirks on my face as I have ever had as I closed the door. Jim from Vancouver and I had a few more rendezvouse from time to time whenever he came to town. I thought it would go further but it never worked out that way.

This is the way it was back then. There were no hang-ups about sex (maybe some) and we had the same arguments about who was a "slut or a bitch" (back then being a slut just meant "popular".) It was nothing to walk over to a complete stranger and say, "Wanna FUCK?" I had my share of encounters over the years and I am not going to share them here. I did fall in love with a man who I am no longer with (deep down inside I still do.) It has been many years since we have been together and we still talk to one another from time to time (I never believed that breaking up should result in hating.) I still love you " T ". I thought maybe one tale to say how it was, is in order. The time has changed and I wish it had changed sooner or has it!!!!

After giving it some thought; there are just some stories that cannot be told without talking about sex. It is a part of our lives that goes hand in hand with what I have to talk about. With that in mind, I will continue telling the story the best I can.

All Aboard !

The only way to find out if you are a "BOTTOM" or a "TOP" in this lifestyle I guess is (to actually be there) and I have never been one to not at least try something once (or twice just to be sure).....

Being on the BOTTOM (for me) was one of the most uncomfortable and not in control positions that I have ever found myself in. I found that in that position that I am at the will of my partner who either knew or did not know what they were doing sexually. Being bludgeoned by a 2x4 never turned me on and better yet; someone that did'nt have the skill to use it properly and in a rush to get the train into the station (you get my point!). I hated fingers even more as a hang nail can create more pain and anguish than a rectal thermometer. On TOP I had control over the train and I tended to think I knew what I was doing (according to some I did). We tend to make fun of one another about our sexual preferences (top or bottom) which is cool I guess; as it adds a hidden mystique of "is he really?". For some either position works fine, its just one versitility that I would rather do without.

Ticket Please !

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