August 2005

What is this "Rainbow" thing?

It's a word, a symbol, standing for some collection of people of alternative sexualities, the politically correct name of which changes in context, by the speaker, and over time. For instance, it wasn't so long ago that Queer was offensive. Now we've reposessed it. Well, some people agree on that.

So, maybe we can agree to agree on a neutral word for the time being, to encompass it all.

So, at the moment, let's say that this web site is all about people, places, things, and events in Halifax, of interest and importance to the GL(E)BT2QQI community, that is:

(editorial moved to IsCansMacLeather)

Why is Eunuch included in this list? The literature they passed out at the parade two years ago clearly stated that these are people who had their testicles removed for 1). medical reason, such as cancer or 2). simply because they wanted to do so. Neither of those reasons make them "born as an eunuch" and if you let that group into the GLBT definition then you also give ammunition to those who don't believe that you are born gay but rather choose to be gay on your own.

Being an Eunuch doesn't make someone a member of the GLBT community unless they identified as gay before making the choice to lose their nuts.

So then they are gay. I agree why are they in the GLBT list, if they are gay then they follow under G. Please enlighten me as to this change.