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22nd November 2005

BoomBoom is now chair of both IsCans and MacLeather. Interesting combination?

Perhaps Ed would like to explain to the leathermen how he has pretty much killed MACLeather.

Why don't you ask him in person rather than post snarky remarks here?

No snarky remark was made. As chairman of MACL he is responsable for what happens to the group and he is also accountable to those in the leather community. I'm sure many of the pissed-off people in the community will make their views known to him when MACL's funeral gets held.

You know, it takes more than one person to kill MacLeather, so blaming one person doesn't do anything. furthermore, if he was doing such a bad job, why didn't the members oust him from his position which is their "right" to do and someone else take over? or was it because there was no one else because macleather was dying long before ed took over as President?

Actually if you look carefully at the MACL setup there are no "members" to speak of. Even many leathermen with voting rights have stopped showing up at MACL events and I'll also point out that many, many long-established leathermen boycotted the last election when it became clear that the board was becoming "drag" heavy when you heard the names of the drag queens and their supporters who were planning to run for seats on the board.

The original founders of MACL need to take back the name and either turn it into something we can be proud of, or, disolve the group and maybe something else will take its place. At least the old board members could keep something as simple as a webpage running.

As chairman Ed has the responsability to make sure the board does their job and thats not happening. Perhaps ISCANS is taking priority over the MACL stuff. Many in the community firmly believe that leather and drag don't mix and this is a prime example showing proof of it!

I fully support the fact the leather and drag don't mix. However, Ed is not a babysitter, there to caudle the other board members so they know how to do their jobs like good little leather boys. Grow some fucking balls fellas, and stop blaming others for your shortcomings

I think that to blame Ed 100% for MACL decline is unfair. If the "real" leathermen who are taking such a stand on the fact that a drag queen is chairing this organization were more involved, stepped up to the plate, cared for its success, etc...Ed probably wouldn't be the chairperson right now. Where were all the "real" leathermen when the elections that ultimately put Ed into this position happened? Perhaps if the people who are bitching and crying like babies about the demise of MACL stepped up and re-took their organization and cared for it as vehemently as they bitch about it, things would probably be alot different, Ed wouldn't be the chairperson, and you'd only have yourselves to blame if you couldn't get it together. Loving leather and keeping the leather community alive are synonymous, folks...start laying blame where that blame falls.

Okay I'll bite - I urge all concerned Halifax leathermen to show up at the leather swap (Dec. 3rd?) at Menz Bar and tell Ed and his crew to either shape up or they are gone by the end of January 2006.

As for the election having put Ed into this position thats not quite true - it was the stubborness of the current board when it came to dealing with the last chairman who resigned as he was simply fed up with the lack of cooperation when he asked for things to get done. Ed was co-chair at this time and simply moved into the chair position upon the resignation. Ed was not "voted" in as chairman.

If I recall correctly, Wolfgang and ChrisAucoin are two of the founding members: Please guys, take note of whats occuring and jump onto the ship before it sinks due to mismanagement. Then make the decision to try and save it or simply scuttle the group and its name to save it from more embarrasement. The guy I feel bad for right now is Boyd. He's a newbie to the scene and this whole group is crumbling around him instead of being the support he needs.

being president of both is fishy,. we the leather community needs to reclaim what we want mac leather to be!!! I heard ed became ISCANS chair by 1 vote. nothing ever changes in Halifax does it man!!!!!

It was a fair vote. Democracy at it's best. At least people participated in the vote. I suspect you with the 'fishy' comment didn't. It is just WAY TOO easy to whine and whine. Thank goodness Ed stepped up to the plate. Criticize all you want but he's obviously got the BALLs to lead both organizations. Be thankful. Now lets see if the members of MACLeather have the balls to step up to the plate roll up their sleeves and do some shit.

1 vote, 2 votes 3 votes --- it's still a democratic way of selecting. But it's only the members who attend the meeting. If you vote you have a voice. If you weren't there & didn't vote - quit bitching, join up and THEN bitch!!!

As an interested social observer (self-proclaimed and no "official" qualifications) I see the latest "argument" over the election of Ed Savage as chair of ISCANS, the premier community drag organisation as well as holding the chair of MAC Leather, the premier community leather organisation (Tightrope is more of a members club) as a marker of the sad state of the Rainbow community. Bringing people together is difficult and in some cases pretty much impossible. No matter how hard someone tries, other people are going to pull them down, or say they have vested interests, or that they have a hidden agenda or they can't do one job and do another for a radically different group as it isn't fair.

We say that our community is all embracing and inclusive but it is far from the truth. What you see on the "scene" is only a tiny fraction of the community out there. Many can't travel to Halifax and are therefore excluded from what we see in the City (but provide their own groupings elsewhere). Halifax likes to see itself as the flagship gay community in NS and maybe the maritimes (well it has the biggest population and us fruits tend to like cities) and wants to set the lead. Unfortunately the vast majority of the people who inhabit the bars are youngish bar types, drag queens (who need the limelight in order to survive) and some hanger-oners. Most people crave the gossip and want nothing more than to tear down someone that tries to make something of themselves or an organisation they are part of. Maybe they can't help themselves. Or maybe they think that to be a succesful gay or lesbian (or other) that's what you ahve to do and it's the norm. Most people get fed up of the scene, the drama, the bitching and the gossip and vanish, never to be seen again. Unfortunately these are people we also need in our community to give it wisdom, balance and (as most are older and more successful) financial backing. Where are the business owners, the politicians (excluding Dawn), the accountants, the lawyers, the doctors, the movers and shakers? They certanly aren't at the bars "bitching or being bitched at for supporting or not supporting certain people and things". They've moved out and on because tehy don't want the bullshit. I've seen the scene in many places and you know, it's all the same wherever you go. That's why people come and go and then find a better life for themselves outside the pit of doom that makes up the "popular gay scene".

ATTITUDE. Plain and simple. Get rid of it. Stop hating each other because you think the other side is out to get you, take you over or put you down. That way you will see more people willing to come and take part. Personally I don't give a shit if Drag queen A did this song which was supposed to be someone else's prized performance, or if it matters if so-and-so goes in front of you at a show. Put the goddamn ego and attitude away. Also stop getting pissed off if someone wins a leather title because they're from one city rather than another and it was favouratism. Be willing to ask for help, and accept it graciously instead of biting the leather clad hands that fed and supported it. Quit bitching about whether the women have a place in the leather community and whether they should or shouldn't be helped by the men. Try being nice and accepting to each other and maybe you might get along OK. And make an impression and earn the RESPECT that you so desperately want, say that you value so highly and then fail to give out in return (which I have seen oh so many times).

Men hate women, Women hate men. Gays despise lesbians. Lesbians can't stomach gays. Leather hates drag, drag hates leather. Yeah Yeah. A rainbow is supposed to be a spectrum of different attitudes all merging into one. Unfortunately in halifax, as in many places, the whole is split into different sections who don't understand each other, are afraid of each other, are suspicious of each other and won't tolerate each other.

And I know that someone will pour scorn and shit on me for writing this, because you might just recognise yourself in these lines and realise that it just might be true and then fight back because you don't want to face the truth! So be it. Drop me a line on here and I'll gladly trade words too.

Damocles well said damocles

Finely a queer with a brain a standing O for damocles

It was a fair vote. Who gives a rats' ass if it was one vote. Democracy at it's best and nothing 'fishy' about it. At least people cared enough to participate in the vote. I suspect you with the 'fishy' comment didn't show up. It is just WAY TOO easy to whine and whine. Thank goodness Ed stepped up to the plate to take on an otherwise mostly thankless job. Criticize all you want but he's obviously got the BALLs to lead both organizations. So be thankful someone cares enough to keep the MACLeather organization afloat. Now lets see if the members of MACLeather have the balls to step up to the plate roll up their sleeves and do some shit and support your prez and your new guy Boyd. And if you are going to whine instead, then go pound sand.

26 November 2005

MACLeather needs to pay the renewal fee to the Registry of Joint Stock Companies and also file an annual statement because the Registry has them in default due to non-payment. They also need to submit the new names and addresses of board members since its still the old board on file at the RoJSC?. Technically the society name can't be used until they pay the renewal and submit the information to be updated. Wonder what happened that this important task got overlooked.

Such controversery over a man filling a position that no one else was willing to step up and take one the responsibilities for, it is always easier to sit back and bitch about something than stepping up to the plate. If you feel so strongly that Ed has killed MacLeather than take at stand at the meetings and make a change, bitching about it on here is going to change nothing or save macLeather from a sad demise. For far to many years to remember I have heard that the leather Men hate the Drag queens. I can't speak for anyone else but myself, as a Drag Queen actively involved in this " community " I have always had a very good repore with the leather community, in fact have several good friends who are leather men so i really can't see where the issue is in it all. Over the years when thing have been needed to be done and or to raise money who has the Gay communty turned to???????? The Drag Queens , because thay can get things done and have raised many thousand of dollars for ppl of Halifax who needed help.

Iscans is an organization that is open to anyone over 19yrs old and is a resident of Nova Scotia , yes that Society is run primarly by Drag queens as they seem to be the ones will to put time and effort into a society for the betterment of people. Offices are elected fairly by all who attend the AGM, this meeting and all public meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend , lesbiens , gays str8 ppl , leather men and the list goes on ,,, anyone 19 yrs of age can hold a seat on the board of iscans if choisen for the position and voted in by those in attendence at the meeting. As far as Ed being voted in by one vote or one hundred votes the fact of the matter is the the people who attended the elections felt he was the right person for the position. Ed Savage has only been in this community for a few years and in those few years he has done more for the gay community in Halifax than many who have been here all their lives , his involvement has been witghhthe leather community , the drag community , gay pride and many other charities. Maybe it is time the ones who love to bitch about someone who is actually not sitting on his ass watching their world disapate in front of their eyes, should try to do an 1/8 of what Ed Savage has accomplished in the past 5 years, instead of bitching!


13 December 2005

We'd love to attend MACL meetings to make our views known but given the fact that several emails asking for the next meeting date/time/place still remain unanswered by those in charge. One would have to wonder if they actually want people to know the truth about the current board.