September, 2009 September, 2009:

Students Exploring Sex Issues (SEXSI)


Please read the following submission and consider becoming a member and getting involved. This is a new group out of the DWC which will be open to students and non-student community members!

There is a group of students at Dalhousie who are trying start up a pro-sex student organization on campus for those who want to explore sex issues. We’re calling it Students Exploring Sex Issues (SEXSI) ! The purpose of this group is to provide a safe, healthy, positive, friendly and fun environment for students to explore sexuality and sex issues.

It will be an inclusive group to look at serious issues like sexual violence exploitation but also to explore and experiment with sexuality and fun things like fetishes and toys. Most of all we just want to create a safe place where people don't feel ashamed to talk about sex and explore sexuality. We plan on having film nights, discussion groups, field trips, and being involved in events in the larger community such as TakeBackTheNight. Some of the sessions could be separated off from a main group to create safe spaces for individuals identifying on certain issues. The group will partner with other societies and community groups to achieve its goals, where interests and goals align.

We’re still looking for people who want to be organizers and co-conspirators. Your responsibilities would be fairly light: facilitation of discussion at meetings on a rotating basis, sourcing out materials, information and topics and communication with members. Avalon Sexual Assault Center will be providing training for those who want to be involved as organizers and facilitators in the first week of September. If you are looking for more information interested in being a member, getting updates on events, or being an executive please email or call Jocelyn at 902-402-9061

You’re SEXSI and you know it!

Look for more info and events postings to come!