Samantha born in July of 2004 is an orphin she like's long strools on the beach and cocktails at sunset. She also enjoys spending time downtown with her sister " KellieVanderbilt " Kellie V and Sammy D. Playing football with her sister is always a fun past time,

I don't know of anyone that's heard of this queen or this Kellie Vanderbilt. My guess is that they are like AmberWayves, Dawn Davenpork or Crapeau spawn.

Dawn Davenport writes: first of all my name is Dawn Davenport.NOT davenpork, and i know who started that one, grow up.i do not know who Samantha davenport is, i have never heard or seen of her.So...choose your words carefully.i may not be the skinnyest drag queen out there, but i try, its more thani can say for some. La Dee Dah Writes: Someone can't spell LOL, It's Davenport and I thought the Lady's name is Schapeau, considering s(he) is more lady than most *smile*

Well there DEFINITELY isn't a such thing as a "wannabe Davenport", so I think it's safe to delete this "Samantha Davenport" and "Kellie Vanderbilt" as they're obviously just a gag to get people going.. No one's ever heard of or seen em.

July 27, 2011
KellieVanderbilt writes: Samantha is Ohio now and I am in the West! Hope alls well in Halifax.