Sanpaka Natural Foods

picMenu & China; Photo: TonyTrask

Sanpaka Natural Foods restaurant in the top floor of 1588 Barrington, the space was later used by The Turret.

Leroy E. Grey writes: When I was 22, a traveling hippy living in CA, I met this amazing 88 year old Hungarian who repeatedly would get in my face and with a vitality that shocked me, he'd say, "Eat raw foods... make you strong". I said I'd give it 2 weeks.. and after one, I felt like shit! He said it was my body cleaning out & I needed to do the second week. Well, after 2 weeks my mind entered another level and I was hooked on natural (mostly) raw foods! I worked there February, 1974 until there was a fire, and it closed. At the time I went by the name Alexander McKinnon. I had a spiritual rebirth experience just before I started working at Sanpaka; I tell some of my story in my book on the need for Christianity to return to the non-religion, non-condemning, spirit-centered teachings of Jesus: 1


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