Sara avMaat

Article in the 2011 March-April Atlantic Friends Newsletter This is the second in a series of articles chronicling Sara avMaat’s stirring experiences of traveling and ministering in the Middle East.

2021 Summer: Article in Quaker Concern, My Journey to Understand the Sources of My Income about where the CPP is invested.

Sara is a member of the Quaker Canadian Friends Service Committee.

November 30, 2022 : Launched a graphic novel, "Hope Unleashed" is a comic book about moving from climate anxiety to climate action. The story begins with Maude the dog and her concern for her person, Patrick, who is paralyzed by climate anxiety. We follow Maude and Patrick as they learn about some of the people and organizations in Nova Scotia working to make a difference. We empathize with Patrick when he reaches the point where “it still feels like all too much”, but knows he’s ready to make a start. Available at the launch, The Curious Cat Bookstore, Happenstance, Antigonish 5 to $1 or from the author at for $7 plus shipping.

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