Shania (formerly Shania Twatt) was MzNrg 2002 at ClubNrg. She's originally from florence and is known for her love of country music and boys!

Shania is also known for the hit series trailer park boys filmed in halifax now international well good for her plwase watch for her in the gay bar on trailer park boys. Twain ,shania last year and he fiancee jason macinnis moved to Edmonton.

Jason and i are planning marriage soon now that we have a better life i miss all the gurls back in halifax hope to somw time see you all in the future. love always shania

Hi Shania thank you for the wonderful comments,that you sent to me gina gibb from a friend- Shania, Haven't seen you in awhile, Don't you go out anymore? Hope all is well. June 30th 2005: to the friend who was wondering if i go out any more not in the last while i moved out of the city and retired for now probably will perform out west but thanks for being so kind you take care

love shaniadq all the best of luck your friend hey there to all who hate me lol probly all halifax well i want you to know i miss all of you i never had a good party in a long time i think im due for one there is not much of a drag scene out in alberta well edmonton that is we dont go out as much as i would want to miss everyone back in halifax i miss going to the bars and performing well i just want to say hi to all such as studio,mzvicki,jenny,mona,shayda and of course a long time friend gina gibb and i didnt for get mz kitty hi girl. anyway i must go now just wanted to say hi to everyone till next time love shania oh btw how do i change that pic lol

picDate unknown

Shauna Starr Writes HEY SHANANANIE, how the heck are ya gurl, long time no see. Funny, we only live a couple hours apart and I never see you, Hope all is well, take it easy Your Sis Shauna

Hi Shania have not seen you around anymore,starting back in drag again it feels wonderful.going out for NEW YEARS EVE with CHERIE LAMOURE. GINA GIBB

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