The Mz. NRG Contest was started in 1999 with a five contestant pageant featuring experienced queens like Jenny, Vicki and Michala. JennyBlake became the first MzNrg.

The next year the competition was filled with some big names.. Cerina, Shauna, Meshallay and Vicki. At that point Shayda had only been doing drag for a couple months and managed to pull off a very close victory over Cerina with her performance of "Can't fight the moonlight" by Leann Rimes.

In 2002, Shayda stepped down with a performance to "Please remember" by Leann Rimes. Another newcomer, BeigeStarr won the title with Meshallay and KassandraBishop (now in Ontario) finishing 2nd and 3rd. As Beige Starr moved to Ontario, Meshallay was reigning as Baronette II and Kassandra was moving to Calgary at the time, the crown ended up getting passed down the line to 3rd Runner Up ShaniaDq. Hence, the hand me down crown.

The next year, a cartwheel cost Annie MzNrg a year early. Contestants are not allowed to have backup dancers or do gymnastic flips in NRG pageants and Annie lost several points for her cartwheel in her performance to Christina Aguilera's "Dirrrty". AmandaBenzova then won with a performance to Cher's "When The Money's Gone" and ValDq was 3rd with a medley from the movie "Sister Act".

2004 was the closest competition yet, with only 14 points separating 2nd-8th places. AnnieCockadoo won with a creative performance of a medley of Ozzy Osbourne/hard rock songs, MissyFufu was 2nd performing to "Get over you" by Sophie Ellis Baxter and NatasshaNlott was 3rd with a performance to Gloria Gaynor's "I Never Knew". The show stopper, however, was HelenaHandbag, who changed wigs 6 times in a comedy number to "Cell block tango" from "Chicago".

In the 2005 Mz NRG Pageant, 7 contestants vied for the title and it was AnitaMann who won with a performance as a dominatrix to "Love Dominates (No Man Can Tame Me). NatasshaNlott finished a close second with her Mary J. Blige "No More Drama" performance, and in a close tie for third were Roxbury Inn and Rouge Fatale, who performed to a Ru Paul Medley and "Spam".