Shauna Starr is the alter ego of ScottEllsworth? (aka Emperor II of IsCans AlexanderDeKnight). She was known for creative drag performances and trying to bring drag into other venues other than just the bars. Shauna and her partner KrystalStarr (aka Krystal Sonntag Smith ) moved from Halifax to Calgary, where Alexander again became the Emperor of their court.

Shauna Starr is celebrating 10years in the Drag Scene.

Family includes,but not limited to:

ANd the list will go on for ever more.

In 2004, The Starr DeKnight Dynasty was officialy housed with the following:

The following are the ambassadors to the Dynasty: *Kent Rose and Rouge Fatale , Nova Scotia

The following people were welcomed into the dynasty:

These individuals have been chosen to represent the Dynasy and were officially given the Starr DeKnight name as members of the house.

MarshaMellow wrote: FUCK the dynasty!! i am your oldest daughter, u cunt@Shauna...and why arent i on the list of FAMILY but *MY* daughter (yer grand daughter) *IS*, Mz Annie Cockadoo...HUH? HUH? next time i see u, im slicing u up for the Oktoberfest Pig roast in Burnside...THANKS!! love Marsha lol

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