AKA "MichelleLynnMann"

Winner of the 2004/2005 MzVickiPageant

Marsha Mellow Cox is a fabulous entertainer that doesn't do drag that often. Marka (aka Troy) can be found hosting karaoke on Tuesday's at ClubNrg. One of the very few queens (I think only her, MissVicki, CocoChanel and ShaniaDq) that perform live (sing the songs they perform).

ShaunaStarr writes: PEOPLE I AM BIG AS LIFE< FOR CHRISTS SAKES I PLAYED THE PIANO AND SANG AT THE Mz NRG II contest, marsh, it mudder love ya gurl and DOME Kareoke will always belong to us, fuck are we a pair together

MarshaMellow: OK, for one, i am not Marka anymore whoever edited that, and Michelle Lynn Mann, OK well i'll accept that cause i love the name...for 2 i do not work at nrg anymore OBVIOUSLY. i do not dj or host karaoke anymore. as for drag, maybe once a year if anyones lucky :) and thanks mudder, i miss u like crazy, cant believe i didnt even get to see ya when u were home, ya cunt. oh well...thats all i have to say