Susanne Litke

pic Via 2018 Pride At Work event1:

Susanne Litke is a feminist lawyer at Dalhousie Legal Aid Service, a poverty law clinic serving clients and various communities in Nova Scotia. Susanne practiced social work from 1976 until she went to law school in 1992 at McGill? University. She completed her MSW and LLB in a joint program at McGill?. She was called to the NS Bar in 1996 and has worked at Dal Legal Aid since 1999.

She has been a board member of NSRAP and recently took on the chair of the Education Committee to offer Diversity and Inclusion training to various businesses and organizations. Susanne started a Trans Rights Community file at Dal Legal Aid in 2015 and offers legal advice to members of the trans community. She is a cisgender member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and a strong advocate for their rights.