Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project

In 1995, about a year after the GaeGala folded, Nova Scotians who attended a conference in Ottawa noticed that nobody could address queer issues back home. Since January 1996, NSRAP has been meeting every three months, and was officially incorporated in February of 2000.

Mission Statement: We seek to foster change in our communities and our society at large so that people of all sexual orientations are valued and included. We will achieve this through: Community Development, Networking, Outreach, Education & Political Action.



March, 2010
Towards a Home for the LGBT Community in Nova Scotia The Rainbow Community Centre Project (pdf) The excutive summary was published in the May 2010 Wayves.
December, 2015
History of NSRAP written by RebeccaRose


Announcement made regarding formation. See NsrapNeedsHelp.
February 17, 2000
NSRAP was incorporated as a non-profit society
February 12, 2005
Valentine's Dinner & fundraiser with special guest Gilles Marchildon, Exec Director of EGALE Canada. Organized by AdamDolliver?.
2007 Board
SeanForeman (Past Chair), DarleneYoung, ElaineCraig? (Vice Chair), GastonSaulnier? (Secretary), JennNearing?, CatherineMeade, KevinKindred (Chair), HugoDann, AnnLevangie?, MathewNumer?, LaurieStephensen? (Treasurer). Coordinator - CharlesHseun?, Member at large - EricMacDonald.
2010/11 Board
Matthew Numer, Chair, Lisa Buchanan, Vice-Chair, Sean Foreman, Treasurer, Christine Hunt, Secretary, Kevin Kindred, Past Chair Catherine Meade, MAL, Robert Allan, Curtis Cartmill, Scott Comber, Sarah Connolly, Elaine Craig, Colin Green, Lynn Murphy, Nathaniel Smith, Lucas Thorne-Humphrey; Hugo Dann, Executive Director (Ex officio). Report: Towards a Home for the LGBT Community in Nova Scotia The Rainbow Community Centre Project (pdf) published.
2011/12 Board
Officers: MattNumer? – Chair CurtisCartmill? – Vice-Chair; DougBungay? – Treasurer; SeanForeman – Past Chair; MargaretDenike? – Member-at-large; KevinKindred – Ex-officio advisor; MeredithEvans? – Secretary. Directors: JohnBritton?, BrendaMerritt?, AlanaMurray?, RosemaryPorter, NathanSmith?, AdamSterling?, LucasThorneHumphrey?.
November 4, 2011
NSRAP signs lease for former SafeHarbour space in VeithHouse.
June 23, 2012
Annual General Meeting where the following were elected as the new Board of Directors:
KevinKindred (Chair), RosemaryPorter (Vice-Chair), MattNumer? (Past chair), Kate Shewan (Treasurer), Nathaniel Lewis (Secretary), John Britton (Member-at-Large), Jim Gouthro, Andrew Jantzen, Kate Keough, Justin Leblanc, Brenda Merritt, Alana Murray, Rebecca Rose, Nat Smith, Lucas Thorne-Humphrey
2014/2015 Board
Officers: VivianBezanson? (Treasurer), LisaBuchanan? (Past Chair), MaryBurnet?, HugoDann, KirkFurlotte? (Secretary), MarshallHaywood?, OwenJohnstone?, RobynLetson?, SusanneLitke, AdamMyatt? (Vice Chair), JennNearing? (Member at Large), GabePictou?, NolanPike?, KateShewan? (Chair).
2015/2016 Board
Officers: Chair: RebeccaRose; Vice Chair: EmilyDavidson?; Treasurer: FrankieBezanson?; Secretary: OwenJohnstone?; Member at Large: SusanneLitke; Past Chair: AdamMyatt?. BoardMembers? at Large (elected at the May Annual General Meeting): HugoDann, JoelDiamond?, KoltenMacDonell?, DoriPalmiere?, LauraShepherd?, AllisonSmith?, ArdathWhynacht?. History of NSRAP published.
May 25, 2017
Board of Directors: Craig Besaw, Sydney; Julie Hollenbach, Halifax; Keith Johnston, Sydney; Dee Morse, Truro Nivie Singh, Halifax; Seth Wahlin-Stern, Halifax