pic A queer outdoor socializing space (19+) available by appointment only. Opened in July, 2021

ErinDelorey? (she/her), JustinChevrette? (he/him), & MichaelScaife? (he/him) all best friends, decided to pilot their vision of a safe and positive queer space in Halifax. The three of us put our food and beverage talents together and created the space we called the Queer Garden. A complete grass roots project in our backyard, located in the North End of Halifax.

The Team

15 years experience in Food and Beverage. Operations focus at the Queer Garden along with Culinary training.
20 years experience in Food and Beverage. Bar and Service focus at the Queer Garden along with keeping Mike and Justin on task.
Marketing and Design along with a little bit of everything. Justin is our Programing and Social Media Manager and makes sure the vibe is in check.
1446 Queen Street, Halifax, NS B3J 2H7


2021 PrideFestival
August 18, 2021: Pride Brunch
August 15, 2021 : Gaga In The Garden
August 18, 2021 : Oldies but Goodies Bingo
2021 fall
Discussion of this becoming what would be Halifax's only gay bar. There was a Kickstarter for it here. "All of our proceeds from the Queer Garden are going towards our next step.. The Queer Café & Lounge."
October 31, 2021
Monsters: Spooky season is upon us! Join this sickening cast as they frighten you all night! Join Zara Matrix as she hosts MONSTERS! Featuring Heather Silk, X, Saturn, Barb Wire, Lavender Steel, KristiDavidson, Darling Delight, the Woods Hip Hop Company, and DJ Danimal!
CBC Nova Scotia story, Halifax's only LGBTQ bar started in a backyard. It's now looking for a home Haley Ryan interviews MikeScaife? and mentions co-founder JustinChevrette? and ErinDelorey?1
November 30, 2021
Kickstarter campaign looking for $55,600 got just 65 backers for a total of $5,651

This page is for one of many of Halifax's GayBars.