Halifax Pride Festival 2023


2:00pm Sunday, July 23
The Pride Parade in downtown Halifax is on !!!
Here is a map of the new route.

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Here are the bylaws with which the Halifax Pride Committee currently operates.

In October, 2013, the Pride Committee made these Bylaw Changes

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On the wiki, the page PrideCelebrations contains historical information about Pride. You can learn everything there is to know about the history of the gay pride movement from links on HistoryOfGayPride.

Photos from previous years


Let us not forget what PRIDE WEEK is all about ... Yes, it is to show PRIDE in who we are and a celebration that we are people too. It is and always should be a time to remember those that fought for our RIGHT to be free and to be who we are. The people that marched on province house or city hall with signs of protest being photographed for all the world to see at a time when that was taking a big chance to be out or the people that spent countless hours fighting the legal battles in the courtrooms and in the legislative branches. The fund raisers who worked tirelessly to raise those needed dollars for the cause. It is a time to remember those that were arrested and jailed for what they did in their own bedrooms with other consenting adults. It's a time to remember how cruising became a part of our society because we had to hide in the shadows for so long. Celebrate and be proud that you are a human being but don't forget to take a look back at the past and REMEMBER. -- RegGiles