UNtoxicated Queers

Part support group, part sober events, part harm reduction initiative, and 100% queer. We come together to support, connect and hold space for 2SLGBTQIA+ folks to chat about problematic substance use and addictive behaviours of all kinds.

Untoxicated Queers organizes a support group and sober events using the Harm Reduction model, that is, the idea that working with people who are doing less addictive behaviours, works better than requiring complete abstinence. We come together to support and help queer folks in Nova Scotia to talk about about problematic substance use and addictive behaviours of all kinds.

Untoxicated Queers believes that informed choices, broader understanding, and health and wellness initiatives can enhance the lives of those in the Rainbow Community who are former and current substance users and/or who are affected by addictive behaviours of all kinds.

Untoxicated Queers is guided by the principles of harm reduction. We believe that knowledge empowers individuals; that with new learning comes freedom and healthier choices. Untoxicated Queers meets people where they are at, without judgment: practicing respect; encouraging diversity; offering and welcoming learning; supporting individual choice, and promoting our community's health.

That is to say, if you're having trouble with addiction, we're here to help you.


The group meets at 7:00pm on the first Wednesday of the month.

Starting in March, 2023 they'll be meeting in the Halifax library.

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Created by PatrickMaubert? and LianeKhoury? out of OutAlive, as a monthly Peer-Support & Sharing Circle.
May 8, 2020
WayvesMagazine article
May 9, 2020
First meeting, online: "We'll pick a topic together and talk about it in a safe, nurturing space. There will also be a social time together once a month: a board game night, a sober dance party, trivia, karaoke."
January 13, 2022
CBC Radio Information Morning interview. audio is here (10 minutes .mp3)