Welcome to the Halifax Rainbow Encyclopedia

Welcome, Visitor from Wayves Magazine!

The H•R•E has about two thousand articles, finished and un- so it can be a bit daunting.

To give you an idea, here's the list of all of the articles - the table of contents, if you want. Once that's up you can do a search-in-page for a topic or person's e.g. last name.

Or, you can use the search box, upper right hand corner, to search the text. It's over 700,000 words so it's a bit slow. Be patient.

A lot of people come here just to check in on LocalEvents, which is every event of significance to the Q community, in Halifax in one place.

There are some starting points listed on the FrontPage.

Want to contribute, want to get involved? Links to contact the publisher, DanielMacKay, are at the bottom of his page.