Alrighty people, start submitting your own images to replace the current, silly logo. Either you come up with new ones or the penguin stays! Myahahaha!

Fucking QueerAsFolk got Mike in the mood for GayPride about six months early. That sucks, but he has an idea: A WikiTeeShirt?. Free advertising on the fronts and backs of tee shirts is what keeps 2600 and the FSF afloat, so why not this site? :)

Post URLs for various wiki logos so we can get rid of the broken picture at the top of each page. Please try to keep your logos small enough to not fill an entire screen in 640x480 mode.

I was using Tux the Linux Penguin as the logo because:

Thanks to YamaTek we once again have a halfway decent logo, but you can submit your own and it'll go up. Businesses: note how the logo is about the same size as the BannerAds. If you want to put one up, email me and we'll come to some arrangement.