First edition: October 14, 2021 by DanielMacKay

Friends, we have a severe imbalance in our community, we have some work that needs to get done, somewhat urgently.

Back in the day - in the ‘70s and ‘80s and ‘90s, women were at least as active as men in doing “stuff” — making political change, creating organizations, creating housing and families and community, demanding improvements to our rights, and of course organizing social events. But we are not recording stories of those achievements, and soon, the women who are able to tell the stories of the who and the why and the how, won’t be able to.

The Nova Scotia LGBT Archive has developed the Lesbian Oral History Project, which will allow lesbians in Nova Scotia to share their personal experiences and tell these important stories.

Please help this happen. If you have a story, if you know someone who does, please get them in touch. This phase of storytelling is currently being coordinated by Halifax Rainbow Encyclopedia publisher Dan MacKay. Please contact Dan at herstory@gay.hfxns.org .