I lived in Halifax in 1976, and again in , 1978. I volunteered at The Turret and worked as a dishwasher at Fat Frank's Dining Room on Spring Garden Road. Later, I was happily employed at the Halifax City Regional Library and County Library in Armdale as a graphics artist and part time puppeteer. Since 1986, I have lived in Fredericton, but I often think of the part of my life spent in Halifax.

At The Turret I cleaned off the tables, and for a time worked there, cleaning on weekends with RobertRamsay. Had a great time dancing there, and at TheeClub, in the fall of 1976.

RobinMetcalfe was a roommate for awhile, and the Furry Frolics comic strip in the MakingWaves quarterly was mine. Furry Frolics was about Ted and Fred, two bears who met by chance one night at a Bears' Bar, won the dance contest and fell in love. Their friends couldn't figure out what Ted and Fred saw in each other, but they just accepted their own differences and were happy. In a following strip, they went to a Bears' Conference and participated in workshops and went to a rockin' house party.

I often wonder where everyone is, the people I knew then.

GrizzLeBear writes: I sure would like to see these Furry Frolics... Have they survived/continued? Are they online anywhere? Also, I bet if you asked around a bit, perhaps in the #GayHalifax IrcChannel, you may find out about those you knew then.

Hey Anthony. Alan here. I remember the apartment on Lawrence Street well.