The Candy Show officially began on a cold winter night in 1968. Coming into the world at a whopping 11 pounds on December 4, the youngest of seven, it was clear right from the start that Candy was different!!

With a Mi’kmaq (First Nations of Eastern Canada) father and a white mother, she walks with a foot in each world. She grew up amidst bikers and body builders!! Her family ran a body building gym and also owned a Harley Davidson Dealership (back in the day when only bikers rode Harleys!).

In 1990 The Candy Show came to Halifax. Working a number of, what she calls, name tag jobs, including Tim Hortons, where she led a union drive that led to the destruction of the store, she was building steam and character that would fuel the next segments of her life.

Candy is now a “recovered lawyer”, a political activist, a facilitator and an intelligent and edgy comic. Of late, Candy has developed a large following for both her speaking abilities and her wit as a stand up comedian.

Whether you are looking for a key note speaker, a corporate trainer, an emcee or an intelligent comic, don’t miss your chance to be a part of The Candy Show.