Halifax Pride Ambassador II RyanStevens writes: NRG has always been my home bar and I can't say enough about how much it rocks. The renovations are killer, the staff are with the program, the drag entertainers are the best you can find in Nova Scotia and the atmosphere is cozy and fun. Work it!

Someone writes rather tepidly: a darling bar with a nice atmosphere, and a great place to sit and quietly take it all in.

March 2004: someone writes: Big pluses:

MARCH 15th: I love NRG, I always have and always will. LOVE StudioXleNoir

In early 2004 someone writes: love the new look! It's good to see the clubs in halifax getting better

April 7th, 2004 AnitaMann writes: NRG will always be my home away from home, I feel more welcome there than anything, the staff are great, the feeling I get there is great, and they are really the first bar to ever support me with drag. Loves yas no matter how bitchy you guys can get...especially you Miss

GregPower: Club NRG has ALWAYS been and ALWAYS will be the place to go in Halifax. Awesome staff, awesome prices, reasonable cover, great music, great light show, awesome performers, awesome Karaoke and wings. Other than the new renovations the place should never change. Friendly, comfortable down home atmosphere. CLUB NRG ROCKS !!!

Heh... some of us remember it from before it even was ClubNRG?.. when you had to go around to the back and knock on the door. Oh, the furry, shirtless bartenders, and the one that liked to wear just an apron and workboot... Those were the days!

OfficerDick writes: As of yesterday (June 24), you can smoke inside the bar after 9pm. After months of waiting, ClubNrg finally got a tobacco license from HRM.

4 years ago two friends dragged me to NRG on a Thursday night, and its been my favorite spot ever since. The staff is awesome, music is great, and if you occassionally need to have a drama moment, the patio is awesome.

Was at Club NRG this past weekend heard that DJ Troy doesn't work there how nice now if they only tell Maam Juggs stop asking for drinks,the bar would be a better place to go. A friend writes,All the best of luck to DJ Laptop who starts work at Club NRG June 3rd,2005.