David MacDonald, 1969-03-24 - 2017-04-18

pic Studio / David John Wayne MacDonald, was a past reigning MzStudio, MzEagle and MzReflections. She was the first reigning Empress of the Imperial Sovereign Court of Atlantic Nova Society. She was a truly flawless performer and just as beautiful inside as on the outside.

He said he was born gay, and was a father at age 15, and a grandfather at age 36. Much of his life’s purpose was dedicated to charity work, seeking freedom, demanding respect and standing up front line for what is right; amplifying in full form and colour the voices of those who could not speak. David’s iconic presence, profound inner self efficacy and outrageous courage created historical movement and impacts within his family, friends and the gay community that are nothing short of legendary.1

Here are some photos of the funeral service by DanielMacKay.

Some loving comments

Probably the most notorious of Halifax's queens - Studio is the city's drag superstar. Studio X - as I believe she's known - always looks fucking amazing. And let me just say - this gurl has a great figure and it's convincingly a female figure in costume - down to hips and all. Pretty nice looking body out of costume too. Which is always a sign of someone who knows where they're going when it comes to their image. Don't know the gurl personally though.

CapnDan writes: Well - Studio X was my tenant for several years. She was fun, considerate, smart, shared her home, food, tits, wigs, and clothes with others in need and was an absolutely perfect tenant as well as being an awesome drag queen. I met lots of his friends, mostly other queens, and several members of his family and they all had total respect and love for him. My DAD loved him for Pete's sake.

PaigeTurner writes: Someone who has a ton of style, grace and the balls to back it. Studio had gone through a lot and still continues to shine. She seems mean to you but she does not pussy foot around an issue, she will face it head on and either deal with it or cause so much ruckus that someone else needs to do something about it.

AmberWayves writes: I've always admired Studio. She is a great performer and mentor, and has a GREAT heart. She stands up for what is right. Love ya Studio.

NatasshaNlott writes: The reason I always make a point to come out and perform whenever Studio has a show is because her talent and beauty remind us all that there always improvements we can make. She is one of few queens that I consider to have the look that's a standard to go by. Girl, you have class, a good sense of humour and much love.

AmandaBenzova says: One of the first DragQueens I had met through JennyBlake luckily so I was put on the "good list"! Studio is an amazing sweet person.. to most.. hehe.. to me so thats all that matters cuz its all about me and all.. hehe.. Thanks for all the gowns.. i'll be raiding you again come pageant time! hehe *muah*

She was give THE BEST DragQueen award by TheCoast in 2000. She also had the longest running Drag Show ever in the history of Halifax. I think it was about 4-5 years, which is quite a long run.

DynaMight writes: Like Marilyn Monroe there will only ever be one. The same will always be said for Studio luv ya Nan

RougeFatale writes: amazing, and real. i love you studio. you make this world a fun place to be

ShaunaStarr writes: My first encounter with Studio was a week after I moved to Halifax, I was at Reflections and she was working the shooter saddle. Back then I knew nothing of the Drag life, always facinated by it but knew nothing. I having quite a big mouth had a few words with her because I didn't like her attitude, she says"what the fuck is your problem" and I replied " theres nothing more I hate than a rude no good fucking man in a dress thinking he's a lady" it was a few days later that I found out she once put a guy in the hospital with her fake nails somewhere in his eyes.The next time I met her was in Dec when I was asked to do a show at the Velvet Olive, went with Anna Conda to the host's house for drinks before the show, fell down 15 stairs because of Ice and the door opens and who was staring at me on the ground, you all know the answer to that one now. Thank God we became sisters, Gurl you are the best, you always have been and I will forever more priase the ground you freeze when you step upon it.

Tammy writes: Good God, girl, hang up your hooves before you bust your ankles! How long has it been? Since before I met you, anyway. I've known Studio since we were teenagers. Together she and I discovered the 'sixth sense' (when something "comes right at you"!) as well as many of life's other mysteries. It's been a bumpy night, but with the morning light comes new realities. Seven-hour phone calls and stolen 12-inch remixes, blades in the toaster oven and lipstick body mapping, mushrooms in the bathroom and endless cups of 'the', Coke and nips of cheese for days on end, Super Blondissima, Revlon Blackberry, and baby powder. The quintessential "Tam-Pack", complete with Buf-Puf and Sea Breeze. Chewing our imaginary nails - 'zzzzz!' -and faithfully applying our White Minx Fanci-Full before realizing that each other's company was much less boring than actually going out into the world, even after all the time spent primping and preening. Thanks for the *mammories* and for giving me all of these 'drag grandchildren' that I never even knew I had (that explains those odd random labour pains that came out of nowhere over the last twenty years...). I will always love you - in that strange way that even we never understood. xxx

Bruce writes: Its been a long time since I have seen Studio or Tammy. Who's is up for a brawl at the bingo hall?? Then we can go dress up real spiffy like and have a smacking contest! I'm pissing my pants just thinking about it. Miss you guys!

David's funeral home obituary:

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1. From "Full Obituary" from his sister, April 26, 2017