2006-06-01 design comments

The last new design, created by Radomir Dopieralski, was installed June 1, 2006.


BaraCuda Writes: My comments on the new site design. First of all I would like to say that it was long overdue! The best sites are those that are updated regulararily not only with content but with format,style & layout changes. It makes the site more refreshing to visit. I love the new graphical background sure beats the plain pale pink yet staying with the site colors was a nice touch. I like the hover buttons over the navigation - looks pretty sharp, and makes it that much easier to know where your pointing the mouse to. The front page looks great, this page really is a great resource not only for the local Halifax gay community but for those gay visitors seeking to obtain information on our attractions, bars, cruising areas, people, etc. I have always been a fan of this site, and enjoy posting comments to it. I am really diggin the new design layout, and wish to thank the volunteer(s) who worked on it. Good job, keep changing it from time to time!

<marcus_prime> Hi Capn! the site is very well done

<furry_one> I like it, easier on the eyes

Boots wrote: > Nobody will ever mistake it for a straight site, thats for sure rofl

Tim <tim@tim.tim> wrote: > The new design is FAR better. The full pink scheme in the old design was nauseating. It's an extremely gay looking site.

Radomir Dopieralski writes: I'm very glad you like it, it really makes it worth the effort. But there's a request to the community: the style is still under construction, and there are surely many bugs, iconsistences, things I forgot about, don't consider important or just judged wrong. I'm using my own judgment, but it's your site. That's why I want to ask all of you to report any flaws you notice and also your personal preferences -- especially if you don't like it. I can't promise I'll fix everything, because both my skills and the technology is limited, but when I know about them, I can at least try.

I like the new design........ white background makes it easier to read and top and edge design are nice without being "over the top" -- MikeTeal aka lil^bear aka furry_one

Reg Giles writes : I like the new design. It is much easier on the eyes and especially for the more mature eyes that still have 20/20 vision but its 50 year old 20/20 vision. I would add that I wish someone could design a placeholder for images for the stylesheets but other than that .... Good Dear Good.

Radomir Dopieralski writes: What do you mean by placeholder? Could you explain it in detail?

DivadDivine writes: I love the new look, makes it look completely professional and not something done for fun.

OfficerDick writes: Love the new look. Much easier on the eyes. Many thanks.