2013-12 Queer Gestures art show

Queer Gestures: Enacting Utopias

Art show December 9, 2013 - 14th. The works explored gender presentation, fetishes, sex, identigty, the reclamation of space and radical practices throug video, sculpture, photography and poetry.

A space was created in the Anna Leonowens Gallery called The Gender Pit for this show.

Curated by: Genevieve Flavelle with the assistance of the NSCADQueerCollective members: BeckGilmerOsborne?, EmilyDavidson?, faculty member CarlaTaunton?, and gallery director EleanorKing?.

The eight works in the show were by KyleMartens?, BrandonBrookbank?, ClaudiaLegg?, BradyMcKinnon?, EliseGraham?, KarinCope? and EmersonRoach?, and KileyMayLongboat?1

The show is referred to extensively in Queer Looking Queer Acting.