ANewFireDownBelow 02

A New Fire Down Below Chapter 2: The Club

uggggh.... STATE!!! It seems like this city is made up of stairs, trying to walk up them in tight pants draws the seam up the crack of my ass and I have to do that quick pullback at the top, hoping nobody sees me doing it. Turning back and looking down the stairs to see where the others were, I could see Cassandra slowly climbing both hands on the rail, her head bobbing back and forth in what seemed like a nervous twitch. Kyle and Tim one on either side of the stairs not talking to each other. Brian was right behind them with his bubbly smile and Robbie at the bottom of the stairs looking up with that "do I really have to?" look.

After paying the cover charge and doing the "Hail Maaryeees" to the coatcheck boy (Chris, another dragstar extrordinaire); it was off to the little gurls room to make sure my hair was all in its right places before going in to the crowd.

Eeew!! eew!! eew!! I ran out of washroom pulling my zipper up! Some old man who must have been at least 42 cornered me and said something about getting a bit bare; and to top it off he was all hairy... uggghhh... not my type at all!!!!

Cassandra tips over to me at the bar (the way a dragqueen walks on the balls of their shoes after way too many) and I was telling her about it and she said "He didn't say 'A BIT BARE'," Blaine daaarling, he said 'A BIG BEAR'!!!" Cassandra was leaning over the sink counter and I was surprised that she had it together enough to get it right.

Brian and I left Robbie and Cassandra sitting at the bar and headed to the edge of the dance floor and after a few moments of doing the head bop at the edge eyeing the crowd we wedged our way in. Oooooh, my fav spot (the boogie box); I jumped up and waved to Brian to join me me, but he did a (no way) wave and left the floor. I ripped my shirt off after a bit and did my dance: Look at me, look at me!! My eyes focused just for a second and what is this?? Brian !! dancing with the OLD GUY!! ... well get her will ya!

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