Acadia Pride

Acadia Pride is a student organization at AcadiaUniversity in Wolfville, Nova Scotia that meets weekly during the academic year. Its chief goal is to provide and encourage support to gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgendered or two-spirited students, employees and faculty at AcadiaUniversity (with their friends/partners and family).

Acadia Pride meets informally during the year to provide for each member through support, involvement, communication and comradeship, holding many social activities as well. New members are always welcome!

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DavidMorris? writes:

I think it was in early 1986 that we tried to form the group. We never formed an official name for the group to the best of my memory. We did have turn outs of 20-30 people; if my memory is correct this only happened for that term. One of the issues why it could not continue was the fact some of the students did not appreciate the older members and were looking for more of a social thing with their peers. I was a mature student at the time and I was considered one of the old gays -- after all I was in my early 30s.
I remember we were not able to get any funding from the student council until we met a bunch of criteria to get any funding for a new activity with a budget and some other BS. We had asked if they would support to bring in guest speaker and other gay and lesbian positive activities. Of course we were not an official group. A few key players like MattHughes, BeertVerstraete, and BobStead helped bring together some speakers and held a few social events off campus. We posted ads in the Ath and info posters in a few areas around campus. This was at the height of the AIDS epidemic, so we had speakers from AIDS NS with some local people tell their experiences with AIDS.1


1. February 1, 2021 correspondence