Acadian Aquarium Society

RobinMetcalfe writes:

As I recall, JimDeYoung had what was called the Acadian Aquarium Society. I don't know anything about the Society itself: it seemed to be Jim's to dispose of how he wished; perhaps it had been a real society that became moribund and Jim kept renewing the society registration. That is speculation, but I recall that some of our early Special Occasion Licenses were in the name of the AAS. I think that a registered society was allowed two such licenses per month.

So the AAS was a legally registered entity that Jim seemed to be able to invoke at will - there was never any sense of there being other active members, or if there were, they passively allowed Jim to run the show. EdSlade may have been on the documents as an Executive member.

I believe that Jim used the Society name for a number of uses, many of which may have been questionable, but he was willing enough to make it available to GAE to get more than the two licenses GAE was entitled to each month.

All this is based on memory, which could easily be faulty. If someone had time, they could review early GAE minutes, or search the GAE files for records of early Special Occasion Licenses.

We have a letter from GaeGala in the JimDeYoung fonds (and scanned in his media file) thanking him for the loan of the AAS' "printing equipment."



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