Alan Pineau

pic 1956 - May 22, 2008

Allan Pineau passed away Thursday, May 22, 2008, at his home in Rustico, PEI, aged 52 years. He had recently entered the hospital with pneumonia.

Alan spent many years in Halifax where he owned and operated Pineau's Cafe on Blower's Street, off Barrington.

He is survived by his mother, Theresa Gauthier and brothers and sister, Wendell (Sherri), Cornwall; Barry (Janet), St Patrick's; Donald, Calgary; Melinda (Allan) Peters, Rustico and Stephen (Corrie), Mount Stewart. He is also survived by numerous aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. Alan will be remembered by his special "biking" friend. He was predeceased by his father, Alphonse; step-mother Patricia Treadway and Lucille (Gran) Tread.

Due to extreme allergies please refrain from wearing scented products.

As an expression of sympathy donations in Alan's memory to the Dialysis Unit of Beach Grove Home would be appreciated.

On line condolences:

Al was a great friend of the Gay community and ACNS.


Denise Holliday

Dear Wayves:

As a newcomer to the Rainbow community in 1998/99 I met Al at a time in my life when I was insecure and going through bankruptcy. There were several times this man was kind to me when he had no need to be.

At a transgender group meeting at his restaurant I requested a small portion meal as I had not been able to pay for a proper meal. The meal arrived as a full one and with all the trimmings. I panicked about paying and Al came out from the kitchen and said with a big smile that no one goes hungry in his restaurant and that the meal was on him, and invited me to a tour of the kitchen. I am not even sure how he knew about my finances.

Another time I was in the restaurant and a couple of tourists came in. Al was taking their order and teasing them about the basement's special room he may or may not have had; he was describing sexual delights of bondage and such. The implication was that several customers who strayed in had ended up there. As I finished my meal they asked if there really was such a room, I said I understood there was but they had no worries as Al had never bothered people on their first visit. A few moments later as I was putting on my coat they called over, obviously concerned at the gruff, sensuous and saucy attitude Al had used. The male asked me, "Do you think we will be alright?" I assured them that they probably would and re-affirmed it was their first visit. The woman then asked me why I was leaving in such a hurry. I explained that they were safe as it was their first visit but this was my third so I was out of there. As I drove by the door they were already paying and putting on their coats!

In September of 2003 I attended a Canadian citizen’s award and received my official female Canadian status. No one I knew was able to make it, and so I was alone for one of the greatest moments in my life, the official recognition of Denise and her Gender. I did not stay for the buffet but left and walked down town to Al's restaurant, got a seat by myself at the front window table, and ordered. Next thing I knew Al was sitting next to me asking what was wrong. That was when I realized that he had my meal in his hand and that I had been quietly sitting and crying. The waiter had told him I was crying so he brought the meal out himself and sat down to find out why. After explaining it to him, he hugged me and said that the dinner was on him to help me celebrate.

The staff were so kind. Al always had great staff.

Maybe this stuff is not much to most people but while Al was a great cook and the restaurant was one of my favourite spots to relax, it will always be his unconditional acceptance of me that I will remember.

Daniel MacKay

As a regular patron of Pineau's, I saw Al frequently. The food was always great and the service was very fun. When Al saw that you were there with a gay friend, he would prance out of the kitchen and turn up the camp! And then, you could be in the next day with a client, sitting at the same table, you could get businessy and formal service.

Al was also a big supporter of the LGBT community and never turned down a request for sponsorship, often in the form of mountains of food for innumerable Pride events. Often he'd send out his staff to help set up tables for the food part of the event and make sure the presentation was perfect.

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