BLT-Womyn was founded August 26, 2006 by SueAndrews, and had steady discussion and activities until early 2010.

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-This is a discussion group for Bi-sexual, Lesbian, Transgendered women, who will meet to have open discussions, in a positive environment.To discuss topics concerning ourselves and our community. This is a bi-weekly meeting on Sunday evening at 6pm -7:30pm.

MISSION STATEMENT: BLT is dedicated to providing a safe, positive, enviroment, where members of Bisexual,Lesbian and Transgendered community can come together to exchange ideas, and discuss concerns openly and freely that will bring the community to a higher level of Pride, Diversity, Strength and Unity ! To be PROUD of who you are! Live life and laugh! TOGETHER AS ONE WE WILL STAND STRONG!

RULES: Anything that is said here or at the meetings is strictly confidential. No personal information can be shared without the permission of that person. Please respect others in a way that you would like to be treated or respected yourself. Private and personal information shared at these meetings or used in this site is to be kept confidential. These rules may change or be added to as agreed upon by members. Rules will be discussed at the meeting by the members in attendance. If you have any questions or comments please email one of the moderators PRIVATELY and not in the postings.*ALL photo's have to be approved by the people in the photo, before being posted! Thank you!

Review, 2007-03: A place to come in for all women, when coming out

By DeniseHolliday

Outside the wind was rising and the temperature was dropping; yet inside the living room of the Dalhousie Women’s Centre was slowly filling up with an assortment of women. As they grabbed available seats, some quietly sat in corners while others grabbed seats where they could chat with a friend. Me? Well I grabbed the chair with a coffee table and a wall outlet so I could plug in my laptop but I never used it.

Sue Andrews took charge of the room and wasting no time, had each person who wanted to, give their first name. There was a good assortment of women representing all the letters of the groups ID: BLT (Bisexual, Lesbian and Transgendered-women).

While they almost always get a good turn out, there are often many different faces from week to week, due to distance and time frames and family issues. This group is the brainchild of three people and Sue is the public voice for the group, as well as one of several moderators for the site. With over 80 members, Sue was quick to point out that numbers are not what it is about. She did say they are well on their way to accomplishing their goals.

What are their goals, I wondered. I am starting to think Sue is a mind reader; she explains, “Breaking down barriers within the female community and educating everyone as well as giving them a place to speak without fear.” It certainly appears to be successful as transwomen, lesbians and bisexual women all throw there voices into the discussions.

Tonight the room is brought to silence, as Sue explains the main purpose of this meeting is to hear Dr. Leslie J. Matheson speak on STD’s and the issues surrounding them in the GLBT community. Dr. Leslie J. Matheson works at what was formerly known as Planned Parenthood but changed its name to Halifax Sexual Health Clinic and deals with a wide assortment of women’s issues.

The questions start out slow and as people become comfortable, the questions, comments and laughter increase. Meanwhile Leslie is explaining the major benefits of a female condom as she demonstrates with a hand held imitation of a male penis and the ladies burst out with laughter and comments regarding how size and perceptions of size are often far apart.

While this friendly banter was ongoing, the serious side of the night's work was well done. The doctor explained what diseases could be contracted and which could be cured, controlled and covered. She also explained the incubation period for several diseases - from HIV to syphilis. Crabs and warts were also discussed. Treatments were explained and myths exposed and when she explained that people with herpes on the mouth who touch the mouth during a breakout and then touch the genitals can cause self-transmission. This fact and the issue of people picking up oral herpes from places like public fountains in high schools were among the issues covered. Both male-to-female and female-to-male transpeople were present and equally involved and welcome in the discussions.

One book the doctor recommended was “Caring for Lesbians and Gay People,” a clinical guide published by the University of Toronto under Isbin #: 0-8020-8379.

It is always a good sign of a job well-done when the speaker has to stop people asking questions because she or he has to leave; such was the case with Dr. Matheson.

If you have a question that needs answering, send it in confidence to Sue and she will get an answer for you. If you are a bisexual, lesbian or transsexual person, consider joining and dropping in. Online members miss so much fellowship and encouragement from meetings but their online comments help form the direction of meetings. All participation is valued and seen as barriers being removed.

GLBT communities are no different than any other community. We need more people like the BLT team and Dr. Matheson working to educate us; so we, in turn, can be wise, helpful and do what women do best: improve the world for everyone.

Anyone with comments, questions or concerns can email them to

DeniseHolliday is a freelance writer, who writes a column called "Transgendered Diaries" and is a public speaker with the Maritime Transgendered Workplace Solutions Project